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The wiki... So well kept! I'll be out of a job!
— A man who wants to hit his head against a keyboard repeatedly.

A Bit of Background

I'm Chaos Agent. No worries, I'm not a vandal, nor will I ever be. I've been part of a forum and wiki for a fangame, Pokémon Insurgence, so I get the gist of this kind of stuff. I'm nitpicky when it comes to grammar. Splatoon 2 was the first actual game I played for hours on end. I'll help with rewriting anything! (Sans the obvious fanon, I have no idea how you pull that off.)

Some Stuff About You

  • You are YourUsername, which isn't a bad name.
  • You've been here on Inkipedia since YourRegistrationDate. Good one for being on the team of editors!
  • You've made YourEditCount edits. Keep on editing!

Musings of a Tired Man (Edited Whenever My Laziness Kicks In)

  • Shout out to Rassicas and Ardnin for their research on Inkling (The language, not the species)!
  • This has been one of the most orderly wikis for a while... Until Jelfonzo's shirt was translated.
  • I have a grudge against Chaos, being an "Orderling" (Gent, gal, and other pronouns who chose Order). But now, it seems REALLY fun.
  • Splatoon 2 is the second game I've played the longest on Switch, behind Smash Bros.

Views: An Editorial on Weapons, Players and Other Carp I Can't Put in on Splatoon 2/3

  • Kensa 52. Gal: There are two types of people with this: The "HOLY CARP 20 SPLATS", and people who must like thrift stores, because their splats are so cheap.
  • Rapid Blaster Pro Deco: A name that suits its range.
  • Clash Blaster Neo: The grass is greener on the other side.
  • Anyone Decked Out with The Sennyu Suit, Mecha Armor XXX, Or Eminence: RUN.
  • Skipper Pavillion: Lateral symmetry. Because why not?
  • Angle Shooter: It should be its Japanese name. Line Marker is a better name.

My Wishes for Splatoon 3 (A Plus If It Happened [Y], Undetermined [U], Or Didn't [N])

  • A fun and balanced kit for every weapon. [Y]
  • Patches that help the game get more diverse weapon usage. [Y]
  • No more nerfed-to-heaven weapons, *Cough cough Range Blaster cough cough*. [U]
  • Being able to customize what stage and ink color you want without private battles. [Y (Recon is close enough)]
  • More gimmick weapons. Not just, "Oh, just slap on one less nanometer of jump RNG.", but more creative ones like Ballpoint's two firing modes or Nautilus's storing its charge under ink. [Y (So far.)]
  • More casual options. Not just Turf War. And no, Salmon Run doesn't count. Job ratings are ranks. Fight me. [U]
  • An actual collab. Just don't make the same mistake Mario + Rabbids did. 15 bones USD for the game and the season pass at one point. [U]

Fried Squid: My Personal Hot Takes On Nintendo Things

  • I hate Nintendo's recent ploy of allowing barebone games to release, then finishing them with patches. It makes me want to snap my Joy-Cons in half.
  • Why would you put out some BS game on trials? MLB The Show 22, Mario + Rabbids, DON'T STARVE? WHY?
  • (Not a hot take, just putting it out there.) NSO + Expansion Pass is just dumb.
  • Geno or Waluigi... Weren't made for Smash Bros. That's right, I'm taking a stand.