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  Board Games vs Puzzles  
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Start Time:
April 30th, 2022 4:00 pm U.S Eastern Time
End Time:
April 30th, 2022 8:00 pm U.S Eastern Time
Color Set:
Knight vs. Wizard
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Battles x3:
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15th Minifest by ChessMaster! When you're bored, how do you amuse yourself? Playing a board game or completing a puzzle! Anyone can join! Follow the steps below to see how!

How to Join

1. Get my friend code to join! -> SW-8511-6854-7798 (My name should be BLZ->Jimmy!)

2. There are three ways to tell me what team you want to be on

  • Tell me through my talk page. (Tell me in a new section so I can find it quicker)
  • While you are waiting for me to friend you, put B in front of your name for Board Games and P for Puzzles (Once I friend you, you can remove said letter).
    • If you already have me friended, then unfriend me then refriend me with the B or P.
    • Try to make the letter more visible (Ex. Only Capital Letter, only fancy letter etc.)
  • Use the Discord! Go to Minifest Voting and put your vote there! (ChessMaster's Discord!) (You will be asked to accept an invite to "ChessMaster's Discord Room". Accept the invite then do the rest. (I will also communicate in Discord as well as in the discussion page)

3. Wait and get ready for my Minifest!

Splatfest Titles!

Players can get Splatfest titles during the fest! Here is table explaining how many points are needed to move on to the next rank.

Splatfest Title Points Needed
Fanboy/Fangirl 10
Fiend 25
Defender 50
Champion MAX
Queen/King Only Achievable by reaching Champion and winning

Here is a table explaining how many points are given

Requirment Points given
Inked more than 500p 3
Inked more than 300p 2
Inked less than 300p 1
Won the match 5
Highest Splatter 2

If a player's team wins, than they move up one rank immediately. Splatfest Titles will be announced when the results are out. This will have no impact on scoring however. This is just for enjoyment :D


  • I will hold the Minifest at 4pm U.S Eastern Time on April 30th, 2022. It will end at 8pm. Even if no one is in between, I'll try to keep open the lobby for any latecomers.
  • You DO NOT have to wear the Splatfest Tee Replica! You may wear it but it is not required to play
  • If random people join, then I will put them on a team that is low on players. This will not effect popularity
  • If I need to, I will move people from one team to the other but just for that match. It does not change the popularity. It is so that the teams will be even. Please still actually play for them.
  • Spectators may be needed. There will be a rotation in spectators to make sure everyone has a fair amount of play time. (I will try to spectate more than others).
  • The winner will be crowned the following Monday. The winners will be awarded Barnsquids as that is the best gift I can give to winners.
  • Spread the Word! Tell others about this Minifest! I would love for others to join!
  • I will roll a d25 for each match.
    • If it rolls in 15-18 the match will be a x10. The match will be normal and the winning team will have their clout earnings multiplied by 10!
    • If it rolls a 19 or 20, the match is a x100. The match will also be normal and the winning team will have their clout earnings multiplied by 100!
    • It it rolls on 21-24 the match will be a x3. The match will be ranked and the winning team will have three wins instead of the usual one.
    • If it rolls on 25 it will be a x5! The match will also be ranked and the winning team will receive five wins!
  • If there are disconnects, then the match will count ONLY if the disadvantaged team wins and if the disconnect was before the final 30 seconds. If the other team wins, then the match will not count. If this occurs during any multiplier battle, than the next match will be the multiplier if the team with the disconnect loses. If a disconnect happens 2 times in a row, then the match will count the third match.
  • If you want, you can switch teams even if you chose a team. Although, you CAN NOT switch teams during the Minifest. You can switch anytime before the Minifest!
  • If you want to, draw some art! I will decide which one I'll use.
  • I will post additional info if I need to later on.


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