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Splatoon 2 user page archive because I don't want to lose all of my progress. Use for my sandbox woot!

Info about Me!
BLZ*Jimmy Kensa Octobrush Octoling.png
Name in-game: BLZ->Jimmy!
Level: 30**
Super Sea Snails: 20
Coins: 9,999,999
Splat Zones: Rank X
Tower Control: Rank X
Rainmaker: Rank X
Clam Blitz: Rank X
Salmon Run: Professional 400
Octo Canyon: Entire thing completed!
Octo Expansion: Escaped!
Fun Facts: I hold Minifests! I've played Splatoon 2 for 1,900 hours! (I'm obsessed :O)
Links: Twitter Sendou

Hello I am ChessMaster! I help with editing on the Inkipedia. Please don't edit this! I want people to know about me! If you need to edit, then tell me what you did! Look to the right for my stats


For info on how to join...

See User:ChessMaster/Board Games vs Puzzles

Upcoming Minifests by ChessMaster!

  • Board Games vs Puzzles (April 30th, 2022)

What am I doing?

Things I've done

  • Stage changes on different modes and where mechanics are found
  • Layout to some Shifty Stations
  • Add pictures to wherever it looks like it's needed
  • Squid Research Lab archives (Mainly pictures but some text)
  • Off the Hook and some of the Squid Sisters' alternate colors during Splatfest

Pages I've created (Excluding my Minifests and Sandbox)

  1. Team Orange
  2. Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape
  3. Competitive:Krak-On Splat Roller (Page Content)
  4. Competitive:Forge Splattershot Pro
  5. Trizooka
  6. Competitive:Berry Splattershot Pro
  7. Competitive:Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose
  8. Competitive:Baller
  9. Competitive:Zink Mini Splatling
  10. Competitive:Undercover Sorella Brella
  11. Competitive:Wasabi Splattershot
  12. Competitive:Range Blaster
  13. Competitive:Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau
  14. Competitive:.52 Gal
  15. Competitive:Kensa Glooga Dualies

Projects I'm working on

  • Gear close-ups images (Some don't have them)
  • Expand on Competitive pages (mostly ones that barely have any info and start on Splatoon 1 sections + in competitive play sections)
  • Weapon strategy main page (Click this to see the page) :)

What is my favorite weapons?

  • 1. Kensa Octobrush
  • 2. Tri-slosher
  • 3. Forge Splattershot Pro
  • Favorite Splatling -> Heavy Splatling Remix + Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau
  • Favorite Blaster -> Range Blaster
  • Favorite Dualies -> Kensa Glooga Dualies
  • Favorite Roller -> Kensa Dynamo Roller
  • Favorite brella -> Undercover Sorella Brella
  • Favorite sub -> Squid Beakon
  • Favorite special -> Bubble Blower

Favorite amiibo?

Absolutely the Octoling Amiibo! I LOVE THE FRESH FISH! Also Amiibos I have

  • Callie amiibo
  • Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2) amiibo
  • Inkling Girl (Splatoon 1) amiibo
  • Octoling Octopus amiibo
  • Inkling Squid (Splatoon 1 amiibo)

Gear Combos

If you want recommendations, look at my gear combos!

Check out my Sendou for a lot more builds! (Look at the infobox for the link. Yeah I'm making you look for it >:D)

My Playstyle

I play mainly to the objective. I am not very likely to run through the map and get like 24 splats. I tend to stick to the objective. If you see me in Rainmaker, Tower Control or Splat Zones, you will likely see me actually doing the objective. I spend most of my ranked battles picking up the Rainmaker, on the tower, or staying close to the zone. I tend to play a more supportive loadout. I love subs and specials (such as Squid Beakons or Ink Armor) that help benefit my entire team. Clam Blitz is an exception since I don't do much of it. But when I do, I like to do things myself (cause half of the time, I have braindead teamates). In Turf War, I like to just do what I have to do (Ink turf) and occasionally get splats. In Turf War, I like to try out different weapons and experiment.

X Rank placements

See how I did each month in X rank!

Favorite Stages

  • 1 Port Mackerel
  • 2 Ancho-V Games
  • 3 Moray Towers

S2 Stage Port Mackerel.png S2 Stage Ancho-V Games.png S2 Stage Moray Towers.png

Favorite Shifty Station

  • 1 Cannon Fire Pearl
  • 2 The Bunker Games
  • 3 MC.Princess Diaries
  • 4 Furler in the Ashes
  • 5 The Switches

S2 Stage Cannon Fire Pearl.png S2 Stage The Bunker Games.png S2 Stage MC.Princess Diaries.png S2 Stage Furler in the Ashes.png S2 Stage The Switches.png

Least Favorite Stages

  • 1 Humpback Pump Track
  • 2 Kelp Dome
  • 3 Goby Arena

S2 Stage Humpback Pump Track.png S2 Stage Kelp Dome.png S2 Stage Goby Arena.png

Least Favorite Shifty Station

  • 1 The Bouncy Twins
  • 2 Wayslide Cool
  • 3 The Secret of S.P.L.A.T.
  • 4 Zappy Longshocking
  • 5 Windmill House on the Pearlie

S2 Stage The Bouncey Twins.png S2 Stage Wayslide Cool.png S2 Stage The Secret of S.P.L.A.T..png S2 Stage Zappy Longshocking.png S2 Stage Windmill House on the Pearlie.png

Least Favorite things

  • Main Power Up Spammers
  • Squid Partiers in public turf wars
  • Disconnects
  • People who place all their Squid Beakons at the same place

Things I want in Splatoon 3

  • EMPERORS GEAR! Need I say more?
  • Have it on the Nintendo Switch This is already happening :D
  • A way that tells people in the lobby that a person is choosing their gear
  • 3 weapon variants for each weapon
  • More new gear! (I have a list)
  • New Stages! (I have ideas!)
  • At least ONE male idol! (Could fit in with the rock theme?)
    • Also keep the fact that people can make a team without having 4 players.
    • Have Battles and Clout two separate categories (Like Popularity, Battles, and Clout). I think it would balance it.
  • Turf War (Splatfest) mode in Private Battles after Splatfests ends (Minifests in Splatoon 3!)

Favorite Game modes

Also since I can...

Highest League Spots! Tower Control and Rainmaker -> 9th!


I have participated in a good amount of Splatfests in Splatoon 2. Here is my record

Win Rate: 16-8

  • Money vs. Love (Fiend)- I had just started with the game and my connection was not good. Me and my brother made it to fiend. Of course Love because I am not a bad person!(not to judge team money)
  • Chicken vs. Egg (Defender)- I personally didn't take it seriously. i just chose team Egg cause I thought it would win. NOPE!
  • Baseball vs. Soccer (Champion)- I immediately chose Soccer because I didn't really appreciate baseball. I hoped I would've won.
  • Ralph vs. Leo (Champion)- I prefered Leo because I really didn't like Ralph. He was way better to my liking!
  • Mikey vs. Donnie (Champion)- I prefered the smarter guy over the crazy one. I was surprised when Donnie won! I thought Mikey would at the end
  • Ralph vs. Donnie (Champion)- As I said before, I did not like Ralph that much so I chose team Donnie. I am so happy he won!
  • Pulp vs. No Pulp (Defender)- I didn't really care about this. I just chose Pulp because I liked orange better than green. (I just realized that this is the first Pearl team I chose)
  • Squid vs. Octopus (Champion)- I gotta go with the OG! I loved this Splatfest! Great job Nintendo!
  • Fork vs. Spoon (Defender)- Spoons are just more useful! You can have spaghetti with a spoon but you can barely have cereal with a fork. I am disappointed that fork won! >:(
  • Retro vs. Modern (Champion)- Newer clothes just look SOOO much better! First Splatfest where we had to pay to go online. Yay....
  • Trick vs. Treat (Champion)- I of course love sweets! I chose it cause I would rather be have candy than be mean! Also the First Splatfest I got a seperate switch. I had been sharing with my brother. Unfortunately we didn't have two Splatoon 2 games.
  • Salsa vs. Guac (King)- First one I made King rank! Unfortunately my brother didn't. I didn't like either so I let my brother choose.
  • Hero vs. Villain(King)- My brother made the right choice for is both going for team Villain! We won!
  • Family vs. Friend(King)- I thought that spending with the family is nicer. Apparently the Splatfest said NOPE!
  • Pancake vs. Waffle(King)- Waffles I think are just better! Those nice holes for syrup and the one my mom makes are BIG.
  • Knight vs Wizard (Champion)- Knights are cooler in my opinion. I didn't even notice the special feature of the Splatfest.
  • Hare vs. Tortoise (King)- Such an awesome Springfest! I believe that the Hare would not learn and get cocky again and lose.
  • Time travel vs. Teleportation (King)- Teleportation is just less risky! Time travel has consequences if you mess it up!
  • Unicorn vs. Narwhal (King)- I picked narwhal because unicorns aren't my style. I couldn't tell the colors apart half the time! I had to turn on the color lock to help me!
  • Chaos vs. Order(King)- I would rather have a nice and peaceful world instead of a world of chaos! I loved what Nintendo did with the Final Fest!!!! I loved how we got to play on every Shifty Station! I played on Goosponge, Gusher Towns, The Bouncey Twins, and Fancy Spew.
  • Mayo vs Ketchup (King)- I didn't see this one coming! I hadn't had internet for 8 months so I was a bit rusty. I went with Ketchup just because I like it better!
  • Chicken vs Egg (King)- This time I decided to go for Chicken because I do believe the chicken came first. I had chosen Egg before because I thought Egg would win.
  • Trick vs Treat(King)- Still like candy over being mean! :D
  • Super Mushroom vs Super Star(King)- I prefer mushroom since you keep the bigness until you get hit which might be never, while you have invincibility for a short while. I won 2 10x battles and this is the first time I encountered a 100x battle (I lost :P). I also went up against youtuber Skul and lost to him in a 10x battle. Here is the link and go to 2:50:55 (I also get noticed!)

Private Splatfests I've been in

I also participated in Private Splatfests since I love Splatfests! Here is the list!

Minifest win rate 14-15

  • Candy Cane vs Gingerbread Man(Held by ChessMaster) (Win)- I like sweet cookies better than sticks of mint.
  • Emperor vs Prinz(Held by User:Squid400)- I chose Emperor since I thought Emperor would be less popular to make it even!
  • Gloves vs Queenie (Held by user Prinz The Overlord) (Lost)- I chose Gloves cuz I like him better than Queenie (No offense Queenie)
  • Hope vs Despair (Held by User:DJParticle) (Win)- I chose Team despair because you can only go up when in despair. First DJParticle Minifest I participated! Yay!
  • White Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate (Held by ChessMaster) (Lost)- Most of my favorite chocolates are white chocolate. So I picked that :)
  • Arrows vs Iromaki (Held by ChessMaster) (Win)- Even though most of my perfected shoes are Iromaki, I just love the multicolored look of Arrows!
  • Ice Cream vs Popsicle (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Lost)- It's a close one but I like Ice Cream just a smidge more than Popsicles. Also I hate it when I bite into a Popsicle with my front teeth X(
  • Salmonoids vs. Octarians (Hosted by User:Dynamo) (Win)- Salmonoids annoy me soooooo bad (I'm looking at you Smallfry) and Octarians look funny with their tiny legs :P
  • Shooter vs. Dualies (Hosted by User:WoomyMcBoomy) (Win)- I like shooters better but Dualie needed players sooooo.
  • Splat Zones vs Clam Blitz (Hosted by User:Dedf1sh07) (Win)- I hate Clam Blitz but I know how much Clam Blitz is hated. So I wanted team Clam Blitz to have players. :)
  • Fight vs Flight (Hosted by User:Shahar) (Win)- I'm a coward :P
  • Pictures vs Memories (Hosted by User:TheBeast)- Pictures can never recapture the moment, but memories are videos that can be played over and over in your head. (Wow I'm getting really deep with this.)
  • Booyah Blazers vs. Techno Slicers(Hosted by User:P.J. GT) (Win)- I'm a bigger fan of Marina than Pearl. (Though not my all time favorite. I will always simp for Marie!)
  • Early Bird vs Night Owl (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Lost)- I'm not exactly a person who would stay up all night.
  • Checkers vs Chess (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Win)- What's my name?
  • Nouveau vs Neo (Hosted by User:YOLO2020) (Lost)- I love the Octobrush Nouveau and the Tri-Slosher Nouveau :)
  • Splatoween vs FrostyFest (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Lost)- I absolutely loved how Inkopolis looked! I also like the glittery ink texture instead of the glowing one.
  • Mario vs Sonic (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Lost)- I love Sonic WAYYYYYYY more than Mario. I play more Sonic games than Mario, I love Sonic music better than Mario, and I love Sonic's character better than Mario. :)
  • Miiverse vs Miitomo (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Lost)- I don't know either. Luckily there were people who voted who did know both sides. Miitomo sounded more fun so I chose that. :)
  • Drop Roller vs Stealth Jump (Hosted by User:Samurottlover) (Lost)- I'm on team Stealth Jump as Drop Roller dosen't save you from Sniper camps and staying on the Tower. Also there's Tower Control at Camp Triggerfish to think about. ;)
  • Beach vs Amusement Park (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Lost)- I love all the things at the amusement park! The beach is also fun but limits more of what can be done whereas the Amusement Park has a whole bunch of things to do!
  • Sirius vs Shadow (Hosted by Subspace King) (Lost)- Even though Shadow is more like Marie, I like Sirius's happy attitude more than Shadow's. His backstory also appeals more to me and his personality is one I like.
  • Sunken Scroll vs Mem Cake (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Lost)- Mem Cakes do give some lore (Not as much but it does) and the gear it gives looks awesome!
  • Grizzco vs Kamabo (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Win)- The question is which is more evil. I DO believe Kamabo is more evil but at the time, Team Grizzco needed players and I wanted 4v4s so I chose the other team. I'm not complaining though. We managed to win a 5x and I was in that match! :D
  • Chills vs Thrills(Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Win)- I'd prefer to face the thrills because it's such a rush to actually get scared! Also same as Trick vs Treat, I like being nice. :)
  • Costumes vs Candy (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Win)- Costumes are so creative and funner than candy (I do love me candy but not as much as costumes :P).
  • Turkey vs Ham (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Loss)- I'm fine with Turkey but I HATE ham (Just don't like how it tastes).
  • Brownies vs Cookies (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Win)- I like cookies but I LOVEEEEE brownies! I love their fudgieness :P
  • Carols vs Decorations (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Loss)- Decorations are nice in the night, but nothing feels more like the Christmas spirit than those carols on the radio!
  • Janie vs Eurie (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Loss)- Janie is more fit into my attitude than Eurie. A person more competitive and can get salty at times (I will admit I get salty at times :))
  • Slayer vs Support (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Win)- My playstyle is more fitted for support. I do sometimes run up and splat people but its mostly just staying safe.
  • Ranko vs DJ (Hosted by User:DJParticle) (Loss)- Aw man, the final Splatfest of these!!! These were such fun to join in on! Ranko's casualness doesn't compare as much to the more competitive DJ who I can relate to more! These were such fun to join in on for the past year! While I did lose, it was so fun! Thanks for these DJ! :D
  • Milk vs Cereal (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Loss)- Serving the milk first makes sure to leave more crunchy cereal and I love crunchy cereal! I serve it both ways but white ink is also nice :P
  • Classics vs Newest (Hosted by ChessMaster) (Win)- Yes, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are awesome, but Tetris and the older Mario Kart games are just something I enjoy so much! Super Mario Bros 3. also holds nostalgic value in me!

Minifests I will participate in

Info I don't know where to put

I've won at it!
Why thank you Toad!
  • I completed Ink Another Day, Party's Over, and 14 crush in Squid Beatz 2.
  • When I started online, I pronounced Sturgeon Shipyard StRUgon Shipyard. Even after I found out, I still call it that because I got so used to it :P
  • I'm gonna say it. I'm not that big a fan of the Salmon Run trailer. I'm ok with it returning but an entire direct to it? Would've preferred it being a part of the direct with multiplayer stuff (Like Return of the Mammalians trailer)
  • Other games I play
    • Tetris 99 (I've won once!)
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    • Nintendo Switch Entertainment System
      • Super Mario Bros. (Trying to complete it)
      • Super Mario Bros. 3 (Trying to complete it again!)
      • Dr. Mario (When I want to play Tetris but I don't want to play Tetris)
      • Soccer (Why not? :D)
    • Occasionally Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Inkling main here!)
  • I've uploaded the most images on Inkipedia for the month of 2021! (Bragging rights :D)


Here are Minigames I thought of. I put them here so I don't forget it.

Girl Power Station

Its a replica of Girl Power Station in online!


  • Mode: Rainmaker
  • Players: Preferably 5 (1v4)
  • Rules: The 1 player has to defend the Rainmaker orb to pop and the enemy collects the Rainmaker. The player has 30 seconds to ink and prepare. The enemy waits till 30 seconds are up. Then they send one player out. Every 15 seconds, the enemy sends a player out(even if they already have one out). If the player can survive for the entire round, then the player wins!
  • Gear Combos: The enemy team cannot have Object Shredder.
    • Optional gear combo: The player can have Quick Respawn all the way but no subs so then. This is so that the player can get in quicker and it can really feel like Girl Power Station (No benefits)
  • Weapons: No weapons are necessary
    • Optional Weapons: Weapons with Squid Beakon so players can get back into the battle quickly. Or there can another player (2v4) but that one player is only there so that the player can get back quickly.
  • Other info:The one player has to be on Team Alpha since if no one picks the Rainmaker up, then Team Alpha wins.

Hot Potato

Don't get the Potato!


  • Mode: Clam Blitz
  • Players: At least 2 (1v1)
  • Rules
    • The Alpha team has to try to not get a power clam. The Bravo team has to pass their clams over to the Alpha team to try to get them to get a power clam.
    • The Alpha Team cannot hide at their base or throw clams away. Once they collect a clam, they have to keep it.
    • The Bravo team cannot splat anyone but the Alpha Team can.
    • Once the Alpha team all collect power clams, the game is over and the Bravo team wins!
    • If the Alpha team can avoid having all members collect a power clam before Overtime, then the Alpha team wins!
  • Gear Combos: No gear is required
  • Weapon Combos: Alpha Team cannot have a weapon that has Baller or Splashdown.
  • Other Info: The Alpha team CANNOT splat themselves (e.g. falling off the stage).

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I've hidden the Sandbox somewhere in my user page! Look for it!


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Fav Music

You can listen to my playlist of songs I like!

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Tidal Rush
Nasty Majesty
Into the Light
Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape
Tide Goes Out
14 crush
Maritime Memory
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