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Wiki data

My Inkling
  • My Sandbox
  • Not online much, so contributions to Inkipedia may be minimal.

Splatoon data

Play style

When I'm playing Turf Wars against a low-level team (all level 10 and under), and I have at least one high level player on my team (over level 20), I play looking at the Turf Map on the GamePad only. It's an interesting way to play!

Splat Fest

I have a page showing Splatfest Squid Sister Colors. Apparently, the Squid Sisters' colors do not match up with the team colors. For example, Fox Udon was pink, but Callie is wearing a light purple. Compare with Callie for Marshmallow, which was also pink.

Although I can only vote in NOA, here are my picks:

Region Sister Team Reason
NOJ Callie Expression Sad.png Bread Quicker and easier to prepare meals from.
NOA Callie Expression Sad.png Cats Prefer cats over dogs.
NOE Callie Expression Sad.png Pop My J-Pop CD's vastly outnumber my J-Rock CD's.
NOJ Callie Expression Happy.png Red Fox Udon Never had the specific products, but when it comes down to udon vs soba...
NOA Callie Expression Happy.png Roller Coasters Not really a water person.
NOE Marie Expression Sad.png Sleeping Not really a food person.
NOJ Callie Expression Sad.png KIRIN Lemon Tea Never had the products, but I'm not really a milk person.
NOA Callie Expression Happy.png Marshmallows If I have to eat either, I'll pick marshmallows.
NOE Callie Expression Sad.png North Pole Santa!
NOJ Marie Expression Sad.png Ant Hard choice as I'm a procrastinator, but also a worker and a saver...
NOA Callie Expression Normal.png Autobots I don't know anything about Transformers, but the ink color is pink.
NOE Callie Expression Normal.png Singer I neither sing nor dance, but would rather listen to a song than watch dancing.


  • Current Stages Bot
    • I've written and am currently testing/finalizing code for a Current Stages bot. If this were run on Inkipedia's server, it can reliably list on the main page what the current stages and rank mode are. (I can run it on my own server, but my server is occasionally hit by a denial-of-service attack for unknown reasons.) You can view sample output from the program, but keep in mind that it's not on a scheduled job to keep updated right now, so it will be outdated.
    • The code currently maintains a list of images to use for stages. Before this goes live, we would want to standardize the file names for the stage images. (And ensure the stage list and individual pages use the same images as each other.) This can also simplify the infobox template because it would no longer need to be passed the name of the image to show.
  • Inkipedia main page
    • I feel Inkipedia's home page is a bit of a mess with poor use of space and containing items that probably shouldn't be on the main page. I'm reviewing potential ways to improve the main page, so I can provide constructive criticism.