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I don’t care what you say…

Frye is a goddess

This is perfection

Hello! I’m trying to get to X-Rank before Splatoon 3. So pumped for the the release!! I’m new to this website, so I’ll probably mess up a lot. I have played every splatoon game since the series came out, and I love the series.

(PLEASE DON’T EDIT THIS PAGE!!! Unless this is violating something of the Wiki, please don’t :], I spent a LOT of time setting up things in here.)

I’m pretty busy with school rn, but I will try to help with image uploading and trivia as much as I can. I haven’t had a chance to “Sploon” much, so I might be a little out of the loop. Please let me know if I am!

Things I’ve Done

I finished defeating inner agent three. Besides actually defeating Inner A3, I had a very difficult time getting every level done. I stink at dodging without taking damage, and it’s a blessing in itself that I got through that. I also owed Pearl almost 15000 CQ points worth of her dad’s money, but she stole from ‘Ol Daddio not me. (Laughs menacingly)

I also just recently hit S for the first time. It was really big for me since I’ve been pretty underwhelming in most of the games. Guess I’ve stepped up my game (hah get it?).

I have hit level 99 and am currently continuing to grow. Maybe I’ll edit this again if I hit level 99 with the star thing.

So I’ve been trying out Salmon Run bc I saw those pro players on VP level doing it. I spent two hours going from never played to professional 1+.

Weapons I main

I’m a roller main (I love the original splat roller:D) If I don’t use my roller, I’ll use the Hero Shot Replica. It’s my go-to weapon for a quick firing gun with a lot of range.

What I Wear

I have Octo Expansion, and my character wears the Null Boots Replica, the Takoroka Nylon Vintage hoodie, and either the SV925 Circle Shades or the Full Moon Glasses. I buff up all my gear to my liking, so I rarely change. Sometimes I do wear the Golden Toothpick or the Basket-Ball tank top from Splatoon 1 (Lol can’t remember it’s name).

Splatfest Stats for the big 3

I’m not gonna put all my Splatoon 2 stuff in here since I got the game a little late. Just know I picked Team Order

  • Demo Splatfest: Team Rock, Team Paper, or Team Scissors? Team Paper- Frye (lost in second place)
  • First In-Game Splatfest: Team Gear, Team Grub, or Team Fun? Team Grub- Frye (lost in last place)

Random Stuffs

I cannot STAND Clash Blasters, any type of splatling, or decent chargers. They blow me up when I try to land a jumping blow.

My favorite in-game character for Splatoon 2 is probably Agent 3 in the Octo Expansion. I love their role in the DLC. (Until now! I had no idea how much of a pAiN it is to get that dude to lose. Literally, given the fact I used all my free time to defeat this boss. Ahh my innocent pre-Inner A3 self.) I’m very into the lore of Splatoon and it’s fellow games. I also just love the game. I’d have to say Splat Zones and Tower Control are my favorites. I REALLY hope Splatoon 3 gives the rollers better kits. I really appreciate the Splat Roller’s sub weapon, but the Splashdown gets me killed unless perfectly timed or used when Super Jumping. Not sure why the armor isn’t consistently used when the special is first started, but it still stinks. I have used other rollers, but I don’t think I’ll ever be as good with any other than the Splat Roller. I used to be a Charger main (either the Goo Tuber, New Swiffer, or Splat Charger), but then I realized the roller has better defense and more action. In Splatoon and early Splatoon 2 I used the Carbon Roller. As it is very similar in most use to the Splat Roller, I probably learned to play good with it. I stopped using it once I got to A- Rank due to it’s two-hit hit box and overall weak attack.

The Dramatic “Discovery Moment”

I actually found Splatoon on accident. I was playing Smash on my WiiU when it started glitching out. Honestly, that wasn’t out of the ordinary given the fact that my WiiU froze and crashed like some sort of side job. I saw a weird squid icon on my WiiU, so I decided to try it. And I’m oh so glad I did. A Splatoon player was born. I played that game as much as I possibly could. I hit level 50 four times before I stopped playing. Wanna know why? Well, my WiiU took it’s last crash. Stopped working, charging, and turning on. Couldn’t even sell it. Thanks, WiiU. Anyways, that was around the time the Switch came out, and my troubles had been eased. At the time, I had very little money, since I wasn’t fully grown yet. I begged my parents to let me get a switch, they finally let me at Christmas, so I got to play Splatoon 2 (finally). So I missed almost the majority of splatfests for bOth games. That’s why I’m so pumped I could preorder it on the Switch!! Can’t believe they haven’t changed the console on us again. My parents hated buying very new console when something came out, but I didn’t really game until Splatoon. But then I hit a *major* Splatoon 2 burnout, and that was around the time I got ACNH. I literally designed an entire island before I played Splatoon 2 again. This was around the time when S3 trailer came out. I was SO pumped when I watched it… Until I realized it came out the next year! I’m pretty sure I cried a little. Anyways, I took that time to try and complete everything. I mean everything. Octo Expansion, max out the Hero Mode single player, get the best a Salmon Run, and hit 99(with that little star). I’ve only accomplished the Octo Expansion due to my lack of commitment to things that test my capabilities, but I am pushing A+ on most of the Rank’s. But I am trying. I will say, Splatoon 3 is a little intimidating. Have you seen all that gear? Hope they make an option to wear three shirts at once because those Forge jackets-hoodie-sweatshirt things look sick.

Art and Screenshots

File:Clarinet.octo art.pdf

Ok a description for this is my octoling. The first image is my (sort of) octoling for Splatoon 3. I kinda took a few artistic liberties, but I honestly can’t believe my own hand drew that. Oh and also, I used pencil, colored pencil, and paper for this. No online art for me. I would never get a piece of art out of a tablet lol. The second pic is of my current octoling (also sort of). It’s not purely accurate since I stopped using that bandana head wrap since it wiped it for chunks. I now use the gear mentioned previously. This one was made directly after the first drawing. I was really inspired and it makes me really happy how it came out. I’m SO happy that I figured out to edit this enough that I get little section and my art displayed. It makes me super happy:).

Clarinet.octo typical gear.jpeg

So this is a screenshot of my octoling. I usually use a play on my name, but sometimes I go as “glasses”. If you ever see me online, I probably won’t shoot ya a friend request. I try to keep my friends ppl I know irl. (Jeez I used a lot of abbreviations in that sentence!) She’s in the middle of mid-blink, so she looks a little… ruffled. *ahem* If you look like the Sherlock you are, you’ll see the Golden Toothpick in my inventory. Yeah took me a looooong time to get that bad boy. I treasure it like it’s-well- gold.

My OC's

Here is my sandbox link! I would love for you to read it (I need better time management…), but if you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them. Seriously. Here it is: user:Clarinet.octo/Sandbox

Stuff about me (like the literal person me)

  • I play clarinet in real life. Kinda a dead giveaway since my name has “clarinet” in it. I am pretty good, and I have played with a large band in a big football stadium game thing.
  • I can draw really realistic when I’m motivated, but if I don’t feel the art I’m making it looks like burning garbage.
  • I’m the type of person who can’t stand petty people, so uh don’t be petty.
  • I’m more of a cat person just bc cat’s can be a bit more layed back and chill.
  • I don’t really mind using random shooters and stuff, but the only weapons I can’t use are: Nozzlenoze shooters, splattlings of any kind, Bamboozlers, and Explosher. I can sort of use most chargers.

(Any other weapon I didn’t mention I probably don’t use)

  • The most kills I’ve ever gotten:

Hero Shot Replica: 32 Splat Roller: 26 Charger of any kind: 16 Slosher of any kind: 13 Ink brush of any kind: 22 Dualies of any kind: 25 Squeezer: 10 Nautilus of any kind: 26

  • I don’t understand digital art, how you get money from YouTube videos, how to make a YouTube video, most weapon abbreviations, why there is a Clash Blaster Neo, or how the heck cameras actually take pictures.

Yeah, I know. Don’t judge me.

  • I love tacos (not from Taco Bell..), and my fave fruit is either an apple or pineapple. I really like black beans, when I was little I used to eat a whole can. Plain. I still do. I also love pizza rolls. I have obsession with salsa and flaming hot Cheetos. I love to snack when I play Splatoon. I don’t buy that stuff anymore since I could eat a whole box of pizza rolls lol. At least black beans are healthy.
  • I read a lot. I have these massive 800 page books that I love. My favorite author is Shannon Messenger. :))
  • When I watch YouTube, I usually watch Rassicas, ProChara, Alphastar, John Sandwich, or Hackerling. I don’t specifically only watch them, and I definitely like other channels. I’m not a snob or something.
  • I’m usually up late, so I’m always sleepy. I LOVE coffee, but I only make it myself bc my stomach does a 360 every time I drink coffee from coffee shops.
  • My favorite song from Splatoon 1 and 2 is probably Shooting Starfish. I love all the music, but this one is so pretty and I think it’s awesome.
  • I’m really into band. I am in a band (I’m not gonna reveal like my age since that’s too personal for my liking), but I’m the most advanced there (this is a lot of parentheses, but I DON’T WANT TO SOUND SNOBBY. I just really enjoy band :].

So that pretty much wraps up my Splatoon series life. Thanks for reading this far. This’ll probably get edited a ton, so don’t get comfy with this version. I’m ecstatic that I got the images to work!! Anyhoo you might see more of my sparkling personality on discord as glasses or any public stuff like discussions. I still stink at editing, and I probably will get a lot of stuff wrong. I’m still human after all.

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