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Cowguy icon.jpg
Yeah, coulda added transparency.
Exists Maybe
Likes Cows as implied by my name, video games, and other stuff
Other wikis WiKirby (Userpage here)
Splatoon 1 or 2? Cries in never played Splatoon 1
So... you did play Splatoon 2? Yeah.
So do you like Splatoon 2? Yeah, kinda wish I had played the first game though
Will I give you my friend code No
Are you okay Buster wolf

Cowguy but Splatoon 2
Cowguy octoling thing.jpg
My octoling... thing. Too lazy to add transparency.
Display name Acow™ (Except with a star on each side of the name because Why not)
Level 43
Rank (Splat Zones) S, but I'll probably get demoted soon because I keep losing
Rank (Tower Control) A
Rank (Rainmaker) S
Rank (Clam Blitz) A
S2 Icon Super Sea Snail.png Super Sea Snails 33 (Yeah, I didn't participate in many Splatfests since I got the game so late)
S2 Icon Cash.png Cash I am the richest man in the world

So uh, I'm Cowguy. I edit stuff, sometimes, and I also like Splatoon a lot. Well I never played the first game so I like Splatoon 2 but you get the idea.

Sploon stuff

Ah yes, Splatoon. So, lemme tell you a short story of how I started liking Splatoon:
So basically, I had heard of Splatoon many times, but never really tried playing any of the games. That is, until the

SPLATOON 2: SPECIAL DEMO! (The first one, in 2019)

Came out. I thought, "Eh, might as well try it."
Well, even though I sucked at the game, I liked it quite a lot, and since the game was at a discount at the time, I went ahead and bought it. Then I played a buncha multiplayer battles, beat Octo Canyon and 100%ed the Octo Expansion, all that cool stuff, and now I like the game a lot. Anyways, if you want to see my stats 'n stuff™, check the very convenient infobox in the corner of the page.

Wiki things

Soooooo, the wiki. Of course, I won't only do these things, but here are a few things I might focus on:

Also, I might do some file categorization at some point, but I'm not working on it currently. Well, aside from the Main weapons thing, of course.