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Alert-icon.png This is an Important Warning to users of Inkipedia and players of Splatoon. Alert-icon.png

It has been reported[1] from multiple users that there are a few players in Splatoon hacking their save files to make themselves into Octolings within Multiplayer modes.[2] While this may seem like a non-malicious exploitation, coming across one or more of these Hacked Octolings has the potential to corrupt Splatoon saved data, making the game crash and rendering it unplayable. Encountering such players is not a common occurrence, but users must be warned nonetheless.


A kernel exploit for the Wii U has now been made public for Wii U's on an older firmware version. The simple and relevant explanation of what this means is that it is now much easier for unscrupulous folks to modify their Splatoon save files.

The very negative side effect of this, is it means a person could potentially modify their save file to change their character ID from 0 or 1 (Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl respectively) to 2, which represents Octolings.[3]

Preventing Save Corruption

A hacker using an Octoling in place of an Inkling, as well as an unreleased weapon

If you encounter a player that has done this, you need to make sure to stay in the lobby until they leave it, and then play one more match. Avoid going to Inkopolis Plaza until the second match is played. Doing this will prevent the offending player's Octoling character from appearing in the Plaza.

The overworld is not designed to load Octolings at all, and so if one is placed into it for whatever reason, the game will crash whenever it tries to load them. This includes the title screen, which means the save file is effectively 'soft-locked'.[3]

It is highly recommended to back up Splatoon's save data onto a flash drive to ensure safety online.[4]

Soft-Lock Workaround

If a Hacked Octoling has already done its damage to the save data and the game is rendered unplayable, there are ways to fix the issue until the issue has been resolved by Nintendo via a patch.

  • Back-up drive: Best recommendation is to load backup Splatoon save files from a flash drive or another compatible storage device.
  • Splatfest: All Splatoon plaza details get wiped out during every Splatfest. Launching Splatoon once a Splatfest has begun will be able to get into their data when it loads the intro screen.[5] A Splatfest occurs every 3 weeks or so.

OctolingNoVisor.png Octoling Hacker Warning!
Encountering a Hacked Octoling in multiplayer has the potential to corrupt your save data and render Splatoon unplayable. Please read our full warning on this exploit.