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DJ Particle Splatfest Musing: Mayo vs. Ketchup

S2 Splatfest Mayo vs Ketchup.png

Well, well, well...what have we here?

We thought Splatfests were behind us after the Chaos vs. Order Final Fest. Turns out it wasn't so final after all.

I can't begin to think of what went through Nintendo's minds about this. Yeah, Covid-19 has us all cooped up in our homes, but it was revealed by OatmealDome that for some time earlier, a supposed "testing" Splatfest with the code "SEL" had been added to the game in the version before the current. This was found out just after Nintendo announced this rematch...and that the rematch was *not* "SEL".

Curiouser and Curiouser...

So it was surmised that with "SEL" being coded "4060" and Final Fest being coded "4058", that this rematch would be "4059", and therefore planned out for quite some time.

The new update of the game went live, and it turned out this rematch was "4061".

I don't think this will be the last one, folks. I really don't.

Back to the matter at hand, Nintendo chose to rematch the two iconic condiments because of the contentiousness surrounding the original version of this fest in 2017. It was the only global fest scored separately by region, and Mayo took the victory in all 3 regions, albeit a different way in the East (taking Votes and Solo) than in the West (taking both battle categories), but after we fans found the raw numbers, and added them up, it turned out that globally, Ketchup took Votes and Team Play.

Start the online flame war that would almost dominate Splatfest off-season talk for the next 2.5 years!

So the opportunity for us on Team Ketchup to finally prove that we earned that global victory presented itself. Though I was surprised that they actually gave us 3 weeks to grind tees for a 2-day Splatfest. I used those 3 weeks well, and got a lot of grinding done both on and off stream.

When the day of the Splatfest finally came around, I started splatting for tomatoey goodness right away with some of the best the Ketchup end of my community had to offer. Since Final Fest, my community gained who is probably the best Hydra Splatling player I have ever seen, and she continued to prove that during the fest, in all 3 Queenouts!

But competition was fierce, and my NA and JP Queenouts timed outside of the bounds of my Top 10 list. Probably because all the top players tend to play fest right away, and a lot of them came back for the Splatfest in the first place. The EU Queenout resulted in my new #3. This was also my first Splatfest with my new gaming/streaming laptop, so for the first time, I was able to put a REAL Queenout clock on the screen!

I had also canceled the Minifest I was planning for May in favor of the official Splatfest. It was nice to not worry about that for a change. As much as I love running Minifest, it can be stressful at times.

But as I watched other streamers, Mayo seemed to have the advantage. One last splat with another streamer friend resulted in many losses and only 2 wins. I was in despair, said "That's it, I'm calling it for Mayo!", and left to scrub tees before time ran out. After the end of Splatfest, I indeed called it...barely...for Mayo.

In the intervening two hours, a lot of those I follow on Twitter were posting their multiplier match win pix. I ended up winning 6 of 8 that I got, myself. I started to notice a LOT of 100x Ketchup wins. Was I wrong?

When the results finally came out, I first noticed Ketchup took popularity the same way it did globally in 2017, more or less. When the Clout tally came out, I was gobsmacked.

We did it!

Not only that, we did it, again, the same way we did it in 2017. We took Popularity and the second battle category (Pro), while Mayo took Normal!

We have been redeemed! It was NOT a fluke! Ketchup is now recognized as the true global winner, without the damn asterisk! *heh*

But this leaves us with some questions. I cried again at the end of this Splatfest, because not only was this possibly the final Splatfest, but there's now that uncertainty. Is this the last Splatfest? Was it just a one-off, as Nintendo said? After all, they've lied to us before! What is the fate of "SEL" and whatever fest is #4059?

After this fest was announced, and after the version of the game updated, we saw that the settings for special Splatfests had been changed for the first time since Final Fest. The rotations for Shifty Stations were changed, the special Order vs. Chaos decorations were removed.

I don't think it's over yet, folks. And I think we may yet have another Splatfest before 2020 is done with.

Only time will tell, and only the devs know for sure.

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