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DJ Particle Splatfest Musing: Pulp vs. No-Pulp

S2 Splatfest Pulp vs No-Pulp.png

Back in November 2017, we fought over whether breakfast should be warm or cold, but this time, one particular staple of either took the spotlight.

Orange juice is good for you, we can all agree. Great source of vitamins C and D, just like the oranges it comes from. However, the final question remains: just how 'orangey' do you like your OJ?

Being that I'm not one to condone wasting perfectly good orange bits, I went for Team Pulp. There's just something about those little bits of orangey goodness sliding down your throat, like a natural bottle of Orbitz. do remember Orbitz, right? Like 'bubble tea', but it was soda? Anyone?

...ok I'm old.

And for those of you who ask, "Why not just eat an orange?" Well, sometimes you just don't want to fight with the peel. Just sayin'.

Anyway, this was also my Euro octoling's first Splatfest, and she got the honor of posing for the board pose this time (see below).

In the Square, other octolings peppered the festivities as well, and frankly, I noticed their animations. They were more pumped to be at Splatfest than the inklings! It was so cute!

I didn't have much luck with teams though. My first team only lasted me through the early stages of Defender, and I couldn't get another one together after that. I noticed every time we had a fourth, said fourth would bail as soon as we lost a couple matches, as if randomly team-hopping off your friends list will get you a better record or something.

'Git gud' culture REALLY needs to die...

Anyway, I did end up getting winning records in both my runs, for an 03:02 time on my American squid, and a new PB of 02:36 for Octie's First Splatfest! What can I say? She brought me good luck!

Via my play, and watching others play online, this result was easy to predict. Players on Team No Pulp were struggling, while players on Team Pulp were royaling out quick! I overestimated a bit, but the result went about as I expected.

I should celebrate with a nice glass of OJ. Pulped, of course! ;)

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