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My preferred Gear:

Hi! I prefer the Jet Squelcher, the Dualie Squelchers and the Inkbrush(es). I’m kind of awkward with writing so I might have some weird areas here. I only have Splatoon 2 and have never played Splatoon(1) I do not participate in ranked battles. (I only like playing online when its with my friends, but if it’s possible to join friends in ranked battles that should be made clear on Ranked Battles(page). I like fighting the Octostomp, Octo Shower and Octo Samurai. Me and my friends have 2 modes that are not included in the game and require 0 mods: king of the hill, where you must capture a hill in the center of the stage and hold it, an example hill can be found in Musselforge Fitness. And a “king vs. rebels” mode where one player inks a top platform and the other team tries to capture it. Similar to Splat Zones except it focuses more on splatting the other team and the zone is at a base. Both are played in Turf War Also, don’t trust Callie in Octo Canyon when she is telling you about your gear. She said my favorite weapon is the Splat Brella. (It’s not. Its the Bloblobber.)

C.Q. Cumber is a god! He just says”test failed” and presses his Big Red Button and you die. Period. That happens to me Way too many times. Or does he? Does he even have a Big Red Button? He kills you somehow, though. For anyone who plays Dungeons & Dragons:

C.Q. Cumber

LN Minor Diety

Domains: Knowledge, Death

Splatoon 2 Random facts

200+ Salmon Run Played

56 seconds on Octo Samurai (not Octo Expansion one) with level 3 Hero Shot



Amiibo:None but hopefully some soon