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This is a page for users who are having trouble with common things, including creating signatures, uploading files, etc. Feel free to edit this page for any mistakes you see, but do not vandalize this page. Use this page's talk page to discuss new ideas for sections.

Creating Signatures

Many new users see other users' signatures, and they often have trouble creating one. Here are the steps to creating your very own signature. Of course, all of this is optional. You don't have to have an image, or a link to your userpage, or anything like that.

  1. Create this page: User:YourUsername/Sig
  2. Put in the following code onto your sig page: <span style="font-family:FONT STYLE HERE">[[User:YourUsername|<span style="color:COLOR HERE">TEXT </span>]][[User talk:YourUsername|<span style="color:COLOR HERE">TEXT HERE</span>]][[File:IMAGE NAME HERE|PIXEL SIZE HERE (max:30px)px|link=LINK IMAGE GOES TO HERE]]</span>
  3. On the top right corner above the search bar, click "Preferences".
  4. Scroll down to the "Custom Signature" box and type: {{nosubst:YourUsername/Sig}}.
  5. Press "Save", and you're done! Remember to sign your comments with ~~~~.

Uploading Files onto Inkipedia

Files are very important in Inkipedia, as they depict things easily. They can also be used for user pages. Here's how to upload them:

  1. Click "Upload file" towards the bottom of the left menu bar.
  2. Choose the file you want to upload.
  3. Rename the file to a more descriptive name, then click "Upload" on the bottom.
  4. To put a file onto a page, use the following code:[[File:FILENAME HERE]]

Making an Infobox for your userpage

New users see Infoboxes on the right of other users' pages and they often wonder how to make them. These are the steps for creating a custom Infobox, like the ones you see on Inkfest pages or other userpages. The best examples would be ChessMaster's or Shahar's Infobox.

  1. First, you must put <div> and </div> at the front and end of your Infobox, or else it won't work.
  2. Use the following code: {{Infobox|open|color=COLOR HERE|image=IMAGE HERE|title=TITLE HERE}}
  3. Then use this code: {| style="border-spacing: 4px;"
    Of course, you can add multiple properties.
  4. Remember to add the </div> after the Infobox, and you're done!