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Splat Zones vs. Clam Blitz
Splat Zones vs. Clam Blitz minifest.png
Expected Time:
May 15th, 1:30 PM PST
58.33% SZ | CB 42.67%
Battles x2:
41% SZ | CB 59%
Average Count:
49.67 count SZ | CB 50.84 count
Clam Blitz

THE WINNER IS CLAM BLITZ! Thank you all for participating!

1st ever minifest held by Dedf1sh07! Which ranked mode do you like better? Splat Zones or Clam Blitz? Anybody can join! The winner of this minifest will go against the winner of Rainmaker vs. Tower Control


  • Use the following FC: SW-3211-0684-2047
  • Rename yourself when you send the friend request to have "SZ" or "CB" to let me know which team your are on.
  • Let me know which team you are on in my talk page!


  • Only Splat Zones and Clam Blitz matches will take place. (I couldn't find any good colors for TW)
  • There will occasionally be x2 battles, which will be Turf War Splatfest with randomized colors.
  • Stages will be randomized.
  • Spectators may be needed.
  • If there is a disconnect, the match will count ONLY IF THE TEAM WITH THE DC WINS.
  • You may switch teams any time before the minifest, but you cannot switch teams during the minifest.
  • I may have to leave early, so I recommend someone to be a backup host.
  • I will be using a random number generator from 1-11. If it lands on 1-5, it will be a Splat Zones match. If it lands on 6-10 it will be a Clam Blitz match, and if it lands on 11, it will be a x2 battle.
    • Because of this, there may be 1 mode multiple times in a row.
  • NO SQUIDBAGGING/SQUIDPARTYING/TAUNTING ALLOWED. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE SQUIDBAG, LET ME KNOW (they will recieve a punishment of at least 1 game of spectating)
  • If there is as tie for any category, a coin toss will take place. SZ will be heads, and CB will be tails. As proof, I will send a picture of the coin (It's gonna be a digital coin).
  • I may be late, and if I am, please be patient.



  1. User:Dedf1sh07
  2. User:ChessMaster

Team Splat Zones

  1. User:Dedf1sh07
  2. [UserName]
  3. User:Firewave
  4. User:Octo girl
  5. BLZ*Timmy!

(Yawshi Fan and WoomyMcBoomyWoomy.png are also rooting for SZ!)

Team Clam Blitz

  1. User:ChessMaster
  2. User:P.J. GT
  3. User:TheBeast
  4. User:OctoRed
  5. User:Yaxops