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-when you booyah and nobody booyahs back

Never put your back to enemy team, because you'll end up doing their job for them.

-Advice when your bactracking in Rainmaker (STOP IT)

Only one person should be on the tower at a time. If anyone on the other team were to have Tenta missiles and there were all four people on the tower, you'd be done for.

-Advice when more than one person is on the tower (STOP IT)

Species: Octoling
Name: Dynamo
Eye color White
Favorite Sub: Splat Bombs and suction bombs
Favorite Special: Anything other than BALLER.
FC: 2333-4985-5991 (Tell me in my talk page what your username is so I don't accidentally decline your friend request)

I also put the picture up because I like it and I think it's cute :)

About me

Nice to meet you YourUsername, My names Dynamo! I'm a User here in the Inkipedia community. I don't really have a favorite weapon or weapon type, but I can use pretty much everything except for brellas and most chargers. My favorite idols are Marie and Pearl, but I also have a soft spot for Marina. My favorite ranked modes are Rainmaker and Tower Control, but I can get really competitive. I have a tendency to get REALLY mad when something (Cough cough LUNA BLASTER/RESPAWN PUNISHER MAINS cough cough) and I have advice for those two ranked modes up above. I love the antagonists in the Splatoon franchise, specifically the Steel Eel and DJ Octavio, mainly for their designs. Your edit count seems to be YourEditCount if you want to know.

Also, I have a Sandbox! Look here if you want it.


Dynamolink= talk:Dynamo

My Talk Page

Talk Here!

Favorite weapons because yes

Weapon Weapon's class Opinion
Hero Shot Replica Shooter It's my favorite weapon class, is a good all around wepon with a good kit, and looks better than the regular splattershot.
Aerospray PG Shooter I know, I know, it's an aerospray. But A: It looks cool, B: It has BURST BOMBS :), C: It has the Booyah bomb, which with the burst bombs makes it a decent kit for slayers like me. I truly enjoy using this weapon for turf war, but definitely not for ranked.
Tri-Slosher Nouveau Slosher It's absolutely, insanely, OVERPOWERED. And I love it.
Clear Dapple Dualies Dualie It's really fast, has the Splashdown (one of my favorite specials), and torpedos, which can be good for ranked. It doesn't have much power, but it's speed makes up for it. Overall, it's a balanced weapon.
Kensa Octobrush Brush It's the first actual brush I used, making it special to me. But aside from that, It has a very good kit, good firing power, and I'm willing to sacrifice a little speed for more power.
Bamboozler 14 Mk I Charger I generally don't use chargers, but this one has a decent kit, good firing power, and, if mixed with the right abilities, can be a lethal weapon.

Least favorite weapons

Weapon Weapon's class Opinion
Neo Sploosh-o-matic Shooter the range, but it's mainly the fact that it's sub is not my playstyle, and the tenta missiles aren't really helping the kit. All together, it's just not my type of weapon.
Aerospray RG Shooter To put it simply: SPRINKLER. AND BALLER. TOGETHER. It's the worst aerospray.
Dynamo Roller Roller It just has the worst kit out of the dynamos. I prefer the gold one, but I don't like the sting ray. And ink mines do absolutely nothing.
E-liter 4K Scope Charger It's very slow, can't hold a charge, has a terrible kit, limits both mobility and sight, overall just a terrible weapon. Range means nothing if you get splatted constantly.
Custom Explosher Slosher Ending it here with the Explosher. Point sensors are easy to spot, BALLER, it's slow and doesn't fit my playstyle. It looks cool, but other than the piercing ability (Which means nothing much cause ink armor is terrible) it's not very easy to use and be good with.

Splatfests I participated in

I started playing Splatoon really late, so I missed most of the Splatfests. Here are the few I participated in:

Team I chose Team that won
Treat Treat
Super Star Super Mushroom

What I want in Splatoon 3

•A faster leveling up system and more levels

•custom ink colors and textures (Like sanitized octarian type ink, or glittery like in octo Canyon)

•Splatoon 1 Instrike back (please)

•Male idols (preferably both octoling males, but any combination is fine)

•Multiple people can play on the same console with or without online

•A Mini-hub (could be an apartment or something like that)

•Stage music select in private battles or the custom splatfest creator if possible (to make minifests more realistic, with custom dialogue you can make yourself if you want or have it generated)

•Can set the time of day in Splatsville (Like day, night or sunset, giving the plaza different lighting)

•Better online matchmaking (Like a level 95 doesn't go up against a level 12)

•New Final boss for hero mode/possible DLC (Like old bosses made harder or a new boss)

•New bands and/or band members of already existing bands

•Bigger main hub (judging by the trailer it might be)

•New gear brands

•You can still level up if you don't have online by playing against non-player characters Offline or battling other people on the same console

•Can still buy gear if you're offline

•Ability to explore more than just the main hub, like the area around it

•Sunken Scrolls delve more into lore and explain more about the Great Turf War or more about the humans

Favorite Songs

Splattack! (Jam Session)
Lookin' Fresh (Shrimp Kicks variant)
Tide Goes Out
Maritime Memory

Splatoon 2
Into the Light
Nasty Majesty
Salmon Run Tutorial
The Plan
Spicy Calamari Inkantation
Tidal Rush
Cap'n Cuttlefish's theme (Octo)
Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

Now I can listen to this on my user page :)


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Pearl and Marie are best idols :D