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I've got a bad feeling about this
— Han Solo, (wise, wise man) and an accurate description of my feelings about 2021

Yeah, Splatoon 3 that's a thing now wow haha the screaming


Hello person who is reading this! Oh, wait, no, some of you got bored and left. Hi people who are still reading this! Yo, hey, it's the one and only FLAME, (except if there are others). I'm part of the patroller team here at Inkipedia, so I know things, and if you need anything, just contact me on my talk page. I am also on nookipedia, but I'm not active. I find quarantine/partial quarantine depressing. Tolerance

1. the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

"the tolerance of corruption"

This is my "Wise moment of the day" page. This is where I pour out all my philosophical instinct for the day. (Or maybe it will just be a joke, who knows.) Will I make a fool of myself, or will it make sense? (Skul, there's a clickbait title for you, if you needed one.) read it if you dare.

Want to message me?

If you wish to message me about the wiki, go to my talk page.


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Multiplayer stuff
Level 24
Splat Zones A-
Tower Control B+
Rainmaker B
Clam Blitz B
Salmon Run Profreshional 40
Splat record 26

Single-player stuff
Octo Canyon True hero 400%
Octo Expansion Done, and never doing IA3 again

I beat inner agent 3 in under 2 hours, so I guess I'm pretty solid at the game... If only my rankings said the same. Extremely dedicated to the roller class. I also have a VERY stereotypical meat shield roller playstyle, and super jump a lot, and I die a lot, but the good thing is that I have drop roller. I played this game for 90 hours and only used non-rollers 20 times.

Favorite/Least Favorite

These are some of my splatoon opinions.

Favorite/Least Favorite
Thing Favorite Least Favorite
Splatoon 2
Weapon (Me) Any Roller-Class Weapon Brellas
Weapon (Opponent) There are not terribly many easy kills, but I generally have good luck with splatlings and brellas. Shooters with a high rate of fire, Luna Blasters, and the Kensa Splattershot Pro.
Gear Ability Gotta be Drop Roller. It has gotten me back to the front lines safely, many a time. What could have been a true death trap has been turned into a triple kill by that move multiple times. Respawn Punisher. I die a lot, so this would destroy me.
Mode Single player. (Or Salmon Run) I love campaigns. Clam Blitz. Who doesn't hate this mode?
Splatfest Team Spoon, Order, Chicken, Dog, Invisibility, Time Travel Egg, Friend, Sweater
Character Agent 8, Marie, Cap'n Cuttlefish C.Q. Cumber
Ink Silver, Gold, Red, and Black. Pink.
Species Octoling. Need I say more? None
Playstyle Agressive Agressive Agressive Charger
Part of this series SQUIDBAGGING! Squid party crashers
Youtubers Technoblade, Skul, Alphastar716, Dream (I watch too much Minecraft) Dunno TommyInnit?


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Go Team Order!

Image to represent the SplatfestThis user picked team Order in Chaos vs. Order and lost.


I didn't do many Splatfests, and I didn't play much during them, but these were the teams I was on.

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Rank Why
  Lose Unicorn Feind Unicorns are kinda princess-y or at least that is what I always think. But the other option was narwhals, which are a lot worse. So I decided to think about the mythological version of the unicorn and choose that team. I am glad I did because the ink was cool. My very first turf war match occurred during this Splatfest! But we lost the Splatfest. Our team did better, though. We had less popularity but we still almost won.
  Lose Order Fanboy Nice. I leave team Pearl and immediately lose. I lost every single battle during chaos vs. order and forgot about the random rare shift in salmon run. Our team did the same thing as last time. I have great luck. But why did so many people choose chaos? The only person I know on that team chose it because he knew it would win.
  Win Chicken Champion We back with pearl once again. I had strong opinions on the original one, never thought I would be able to voice them. And the chicken boiz and gurlz fried the eggs once again! We were doing so well, that they all had to scramble for cover! (Bad pun count: 2)

Well, I guess this means our choice is better, if only it were that easy in real life. Sigh of large proportions. Welp, i guess, from the bottom of my heart and truly, A FLIPPIN' CHICKEN!!!!!!

  Win Treat Fanboy Yeah all I did during this splatfest was sign up but I did learn that trick or treating is juvenile minor assault and coercion (don't ask where I thought of that we don't want to go there) but depending on how ludicrously paranoid you and the authorities are you could get a kid in jail for saying "trick or treat". I'm not going to continue writing and by extension possibly ruining people's childhood so bye