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Hello and welcome to my sandbox and this beyond dead don't expect for this to get any more updates I've kind of moved on from this fic you can use my character if you ask.



A coraling that's over 500 years old, That loves to wear fresh clothes(Even if they are a bit out-there.) and loves fashion just as much as inklings. Her left leg is bleached because of pollution and is not good at athletics. Food is one of the most important things to her and will try any food she has not tried before. Her favorite food is supposedly the Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle. She's not shy but she's not that good at talking to others but tends to bable on and on when she does. so she's a bit of a loner and gets frustrated from time to time,but is really nice when she opens up to others. She works at Squid Force,Enperry,and Cuttlegear,where she gives out special promotional gear.


Corala had a mysterious upbringing as no one ever knew much about her for about 600 years. She has lived in Inkopolis her whole life supposedly, but only ever was interested in the plaza until the splatfests came along were she would try her best to party with others.Some of her favorites were Fancy Party vs Costume party,mountain food vs Sea food, and Pokemon red vs Pokemon blue(Although she only liked to colors.).She eventually moved close to Inkoplois Square and stated working for various gear brands,distribution promotional gear.


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A goldie salmonid that learned to speak inkling but hates inkling who work for She's very shy around most inklings and octolings but like most other species. She's kind-of immature and might bite others if she gets scared. Her favorite food is squid and has a crush on Nishida the guitarist for High Tide era. With her being a salmonid she is very reckless and brash and is very passionate to who she likes.


Sunny was named and saved by Corala because she thought was killing the baby salmons in the eggs. She was raised by Corala too was taught the inkling language.She decided to help Corala with her business in what ever way possible,While trying to help others boycott Salmon Run for obvious reasons.She convinced Corala to travel to Splatsville for increased amount of salmons and clients there compared to Inkopolis Square witch had been waning in popularity.

Yuna Kensa

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Yuna Kensa is a is a 14-year old inkling Who has black ink. And is designer that works for various inkling brands but mainly Toni Kensa, She is an idol in the fashion world as she and her work are widely known by all of the fashionable squids and octos. She is very out going,talkative and lazy like most inklings. Her love for being famous can show a lot some times;and can be snarky at times while not the smartest inkling in the world. She is also apparently super picky with what she eats and drinks. Also,A favorite food of her's are squiddy melons as they are very popular among inklings for there juicy taste. She has been also often seen at particular cafe in the reef were there drinks are very strong. Apparently she is particularly fond of Off the Hook and Squid Sisters concerts as she has attended all the one in Inkopois, And has all of the CDs for said concerts. she is good friends with Sunny and Corala when met at a business meeting together.


Yuna stared to work for Toni Kensa as a gear designer when the brand was kind-of new, It was exciting to work for a new up-and coming brand but Yuna pushed herself way to hard to meet deadlines (Because the brand had almost hit bankruptcy.) so much she could not get any work done due to how stressed and tried she was.Work didn't feel good to her at all and she was very miserable. So she took a long break and only came back when she was absolutely sure she wanted to do this and to not be so hard on herself. When she came back Toni Kensa had stared a collaboration with Ammo Knights to make the Kensa collection. She made all of the designs and love all of them but her favorite was the Kensa Splatterscope. After that she stared making gear designs for other brands like Enperry and Squid Force and became good friends with Corala when they were at a business meeting.

Chapter 1 Beginnings

Sunny and Corala were in an Ice cream shop eating the biggest ice cream-sundae ever,Sunny was kind of annoyed as all the inklings she met at her new job as they were not the nicest to her,while Corala was trying very hard to prove to Sunny that not all Inklings were like this.A group of 3 inklings sat down next to them as the shop was very crowded.The inklings were Emperor,Prinz,and Queenie from team Emperor one of if not the best ink team.Sunny was more grouchy but didn't do anything about it as not to make a scene. They started small talk with each other as they both found Goggles to be the most annoying Inkling ever;and about a new town called Splatsville that had received lots of attention recently.They became friends by the time left.

The next week Corala had a big meeting with higher-ups at Enperry about a new headgear item called the Eminence Crown;A golden crown with the Enperry logo and tips that match your ink color made by Yuna Kensa.This crown was made for Queenie as her birthday was coming around and it was Corala's job to distribute it.She headed to Inkopolis Square with the gear in tow giving it to any customer with the code for it including Queenie. Corala went home to her and Sunny's apartment after her day at work.

Yuna was going to business meeting for Toni Kensa to promote the brand in other cities like Splatsville;the city of chaos. there she met Corala and Sunny,Although she had seen them before she never got to really know them before. They bonded quickly over there love for the brand. The next day Yuna changed her usual clothing from a beach dress and sandals to her school cardigan, and loafers which had the chains from the Annaki Habaneros along with an Annaki mask. This was a new outfit that she had put together to go along with the new chaos-like trend. She also found to fishy items while she was hanging out with a few of her friends in the square;a CQ card and a C.Q.-80 employee model.The items fascinated her so she began to search out what exactly there purpose was. An octoling named Hachi and his friends;Pony,Afro,and Nana, gave her the answers to her questions and told her the long story about the Deep-Sea Metro.

Chapter 2 The Abandoned Metro

A week later Yuna decided to put her courage to the test and go down into the Deep-Sea Metro witch was now abandoned a few months after the collapses of Kamabo.Co and all of the test stations except central station were inaccessible to try to cut cost so C.Q could keep his job.She took the C.Q. 80 and card with her and found her self in Abandoned Station and was messing around with the equipper trying to keep the splattershot jr. when she picked up the C.Q. 80 and it made a debug menu pop up and she was able to keep the weapon.She decided to super jump back home to Flounder Heights sense it was getting late.