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splatoon 3
level: 40
rank: S+
singleplayer: 1000%
main weapons: S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling
S3 Weapon Main Forge Splattershot Pro.png Forge Splattershot Pro
S3 Weapon Main Custom Jet Squelcher.png Custom Jet Squelcher

splatoon 2
level: 50
SZ rank: S+ 0
TC rank: S+ 0
RM rank: S
CB rank: A+
singleplayer: 1000%
octo expansion: 100% (except inner agent 3 :()
favorite mode: Rainmaker
main weapons: S2 Weapon Main Hero Dualie Replicas.png Hero Dualie Replicas
S2 Weapon Main Mini Splatling.png Mini Splatling
S2 Weapon Main Neo Splash-o-matic.png Neo Splash-o-matic

splatoon 1
level: 33
rank: A-
singleplayer: 100%
favorite mode: Tower Control
main weapons: S Weapon Main Dual Squelcher.png Dual Squelcher
S Weapon Main N-ZAP '89.png N-ZAP '89
S Weapon Main Sploosh-o-matic 7.png Sploosh-o-matic 7

hi!!! i'm emma, welcome to my user page! i've been a splatoon fan since around 2016, and i'm hoping to help contribute to random pages here and there on the wiki!! here's more about me:

  • pronouns: she/he/they
  • time zone: est
  • friend code: SW-4584-0887-4977
  • splashtag: thysem #7553
  • i like to draw!! i've been doing a lot of splatoon stuff recently too, my instagram is @thys.em
  • i have an entire cast of characters that i was going to make a comic with in 2018, might put some art of them in the gallery :)
  • i have a scary amount of splatoon merch you don't even wanna know
  • WENT TO NA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023!!! i was like front row it was so fun

gear builds:

art gallery

projects planned/to-do's

  • add all sheldon weapon quotes from splatoon 1
  • missing descriptions for octo expansion stations (?)


splatoon 3
splatfest theme team pick results
Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors Scissors Loss
Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Gear Win
splatoon 2
splatfest theme team pick results
Action vs. Comedy Action Loss
Money vs. Love Love Win
Chicken vs. Egg Egg Loss
Baseball vs. Soccer Basebell Win
Raph vs. Leo Leo Loss
Mikey vs. Donnie Donnie Win
Raph vs. Donnie Donnie Win
Pulp vs. No-Pulp No Pulp Loss
Squid vs. Octopus Squid Win
Fork vs. Spoon Spoon Loss
Retro vs. Modern Modern Win
Trick vs. Treat Treat Win
Salsa vs. Guac Guacamole Loss
Hero vs. Villain Villain Win
Fam vs. Friend Friend Win
Pancake vs. Waffle Waffle Win
Knight vs. Wizard Wizard Win
Hare vs. Tortoise Tortoise Loss
Time Travel vs. Teleportation Teleportation Win
Unicorn vs. Narwhal Narwhal Win
Chaos vs. Order Order Loss

(i don't remember what i picked for any splatoon 1 splatfests besides Marie for Callie vs. Marie)


favorite splatoon songs

  • all of them. 👁️👁️no jk
  • Ink or Sink - Squid Squad
  • Kraken Up - Squid Squad
  • Hooked - Hightide Era
  • Calamari Inkantation - Squid Sisters (i literally learned the lyrics and dance to this its embarrassing)
  • Tentacular Circus - Turquoise October
  • Don't Slip - Wet Floor
  • Seafoam Shanty - Bottom Feeders (my BELOVED)
  • Broken Coral - Ink Theory
  • Acid Hues - Off the Hook
  • Muck Warfare - Off the Hook
  • The Girl from Inkopolis - Turquoise October
  • Octoling Rendezvous - Turquoise October
  • Tidal Rush - DJ Octavio
  • #13 shade - dedf1sh
  • #14 crush - dedf1sh (when it goes ooowowowo i really felt that yknow)
  • Nasty Majesty - Off the Hook
  • Shark Bytes - Off the Hook
  • Fly Octo Fly - Off the Hook
  • Anarchy Rainbow - Deep Cut
  • that one song that goes bang bang bing you know the one

(i know that's still almost all of them but i can't pick lol)

other favorite bands/artists

  • tally hall/miracle musical
  • miku/vocaloid
  • lamp
  • miniature tigers
  • glass animals
  • hippo campus
  • jack stauber

(if you talk abt any of these i WILL... cry)


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