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Ok so FINALLY figured out what to put here….


by the way this is really just a place that I’ll right random stuff about myself and not really expect anyone to read it but Whatever

Hello there! I’m Glitch ink, Splatoon super fan and nerd and all round splatoon series Worshipper.

random facts

- I have splatoon 2 and 3

- my switch name is my inkipedia name

-in splatoon 2 I mained mostly shooters and rollers

-In splatoon 3 I’m maining the Carbon Roller and Splash-o-matic

history with splatoon

Don’t exactly know what else to do so I’ll write my splatoon series history. My first splatoon game was Splatoon 2 and I got it in 2020, yep I know super late but I only got a switch that year. I first discovered this game on a gaming show and in the first second I was HOOKED (pun not really intended) when I finnally got the game I didn’t have online. Yeah sucks. But eventually I DID get it, And to be honest, I was actually pretty good! For like a year straight I mained the Splat roller and nothing else. Though in my time playing it, I had mained every weapon type and nearly every weapon. It took me a while to complete octo canyon because I don’t know but I was such a Chicken!! But yeah I did finish it.

at some point I got the octo expansion and got to the third thang in just about a day. I eventually finished it, but with a lot of Marina’s hacking. I’ve managed to complete all of the escape levels, Except for agent 3, And I know I can beat them now… I’m just too scared of nostalgia so I’m not going back to splatoon 2 for a while. During my time playing I got to about level 46.

Around about this time I finally found a couple of people that play splatoon 2 and 3 and I have never been happier to have them (if you are reading this, and you are one of those people, THANKYOU)

Okay splatoon 3 time. I knew about all the leaked bosses and stuff, and was following all the hype. As a Splatoon super fan I couldn’t help myself!! I watched the direct live (even though i should’ve been alseep) and I swear I start crying when I see a splatoon 3 advertisement. I’m about level 40 something catalog and 18 in general. My tableturf rank… I forgot I’ll put it in later.

and thanks to the inkipedia I feel some people even kind of not really even a little bit worship me for my almost infinite splatoon knowledge… I still wanna know more though.

why the shell are you reading this

those box things


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I’ll add more eventually