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I do what I do because it's right! Because it's decent! And above all, it's kind. It's just that... just kind.
— The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls (2017)
GloverMist as an Inkling in Splatoon.
GloverMist as an Inkling and Octoling in Splatoon 2.

Hello stranger! My name's GloverMist, I'm 24 and from England! I hope I can help out here in any way I can!

I'm proud to be a member of Inkipedia staff as part of the Administrator team. If you ever need a hand around here, be sure to throw one of us a message!

Inkipedia and me

I've been visiting Inkipedia on and off since more or less the start for facts and hints related to the Splatoon games, but it wasn't until February 2018 that I decided to chip in and help out. Nowadays, you'll find me editing almost anything going - sorting out grammar, formality, and readability of pages while attempting to add whatever I can.

In June 2019, I was promoted to the rank of Patroller, with Admin status coming the month after, so apparently, some people think I know what I'm doing! Still, if I ever make an edit that needs to be contested, please do get in touch, I'm very friendly! If I can help improve the wiki in any way at all, I'll be happy. Thanks for reading!

Pages created

Page name Date
Ebb & Flow 28 January 2019
Maritime Memory 5 February 2019
Fresh Start 7 February 2019
Into the Light (page content) 20 February 2019
Fly Octo Fly 20 February 2019
Shark Bytes (page content) 24 February 2019
Version 4.9.0 (Splatoon 2) 25 June 2019
List of Splatoon staff 1 September 2019
List of Octo Expansion staff 1 September 2019
Version 5.0.1 (Splatoon 2) 19 September 2019
Version 5.1.0 (Splatoon 2) 23 December 2019
List of minor companies 21 January 2020
Version 5.2.0 (Splatoon 2) 15 April 2020
Inkling (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) 27 May 2020
List of SplatNet 2 staff 7 August 2020

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Splatoon history

While I wasn't overly taken with the grand reveal of Splatoon at E3 2014, my interest in the game quickly ramped up over time and it became one of my most anticipated games at its release. It's telling how it became the second game I ever got for my Wii U when I finally got one (three years late) in 2015. From there, I was hooked! I adore the gameplay, stylistics, characters, lore, and especially the music of the franchise and I love to see it grow. In a reflection of fate, Splatoon 2 became the second game I ever got for my Nintendo Switch as well and I was certain to pick up the incredible Octo Expansion on day one.

Despite this, I'm not an amazing Splatoon player! I've only recently got into Ranked Battles as I preferred Turf Wars over anything else for several years. In Ranked, I prefer Splat Zones and Tower Control, while I'm middling at Rainmaker and rubbish at Clam Blitz! No matter what, my go-to weapons are shooters and dualies. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for this fantastically unique series!

My Splatoon games

List of Splatfests

All Splatfests refer to European events that I participated in. Teams listed in bold are the ones I voted for.


Splatfest vote Result Explanation
Cats vs. Dogs

(October 2015)

Loss What a choice for my first Splatfest! I adore both, but dogs were my first favourite, so I had to choose them. That, and when I'm stumped, I'd just go for Team Marie!
Zombies vs. Ghosts

(November 2015)

Win I've never much been a fan of the spooky, but ghosts are just cooler. Zombies always seemed a bit boring in my mind! My first Splatfest win, too!
Delicious vs. Disgusting

(December 2015)

Win I don't dislike pineapple on pizza, but I certainly wouldn't choose it without prompting. Sweet and savoury work in some cases, but pizza is too sacred to meddle with!
Fit vs. Rich

(Early January 2016)

Loss I'm not unfit, but getting fit is so overrated. Plus, getting fit can't help pay off my (then-upcoming) crippling university debt.
Barbarian vs. Ninja

(Late January 2016)

Loss No question about it, ninja are way cooler! Sneaking around in the shadows, being all cool. Way more interesting than brute force!
Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue

(February 2016)

Loss I was very passionate about this one - so much so, I went to Team Callie for it! My first two Pokémon games were Ruby and FireRed, so I have a long-standing relationship with both red games and the first in a duo. Shame the peasants won!
Hoverboard vs. Jet Pack

(March 2016)

Loss A close one, this, but the Rule of Cool dictates that jet packs have to win. Less practical, yes, but way more fun!
SpongeBob vs. Patrick

(April 2016)

Loss My childhood in Splatfest form! It's impossible to get enough of Patrick's utter stupidity, but SpongeBob is the main guy - I couldn't not!
Black Tie Event vs. Fancy Dress Party

(May 2016)

Win Easily the hardest choice of them all, as I hate both. On reflection, I guess I'd prefer to embarrass myself while at least trying to look nice rather than embarrass myself while looking like an idiot.
World Tour vs. Space Adventure

(June 2016)

Loss Don't get me wrong, I love our Earth, but can you beat the wonders of space? No, you can't. Shame that the whole problem is, you know, getting up there.
Callie vs. Marie

(July 2016)

Win This is it, the ultimate test! I love Callie, it's impossible not to as she's so nice, but I immediately clicked with Marie from day one. She has my kind of sense of humour and I prefer green. A worthy winner, but no hard feelings to Team Callie!

4 wins - 7 losses.

Splatoon 2

Splatfest vote Result Explanation
Front Roll vs. Back Roll

(October 2017)

Loss A slightly less important choice for my first Splatfest of Splatoon 2! I chose back roll just because that's what my family and I have always traditionally done. Not exactly fighting tooth and nail for this, though. When in doubt, choose Team Marina!
Warm vs. Cold

(November 2017)

Loss I do certainly appreciate a warm breakfast, but they're reserved for special occasions like holidays and always fill me right up. I always have cold breakfasts at home and on any normal day, so only one choice!
Film vs. Book

(December 2017)

Loss Finally, one I'm extremely passionate about! I'd choose books over films all day, every day. Longer, more involving, and you can shape the world to how you view it in your head. I strongly believe that most books are ruined by films... so of course, I lost!
Action vs. Comedy

(January 2018)

Win This was a very tough one, as these are my two favourite film genres, but at the end of the day, I'd prefer to spend a couple of hours laughing than anything else! A good time had by all and finally my first win.
Gherk-OUT vs. Gherk-IN

(February 2018)

Win Another Very Important Choice™ like the pizza one, you simply do not tarnish a burger with something as disgusting as gherkins. Absolute disgrace. Thank goodness the rest of the world agreed!
Chicken vs. Egg

(March 2018)

Win I mean, both are nice as food on their day, but I prefer chicken. Plus, much more importantly, only one of them is fluffy and cute, and that's a very important deciding factor.
Salty vs. Sweet

(April 2018)

Loss Despite being a recent convert to the world of salty popcorn, sweet is where the real goodness is. Requires slightly less drinking to process it and is overall tastier!
Raph vs. Leo

(Early May 2018)

Loss I knew, and continue to know, absolutely zero about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so all my choices were informed by what my friends told me. Although I prefer red over blue, I'd always choose the clever one over the strong one, so Leo it is! And, of course, he lost.
Mikey vs. Donnie

(Mid-May 2018)

Win Another one chosen entirely at face value, I'd choose the technological one rather than the wild one. Plus, purple wins over orange every time!
Raph vs. Donnie

(Late May 2018)

Win A no-brainer, obviously, with the one I didn't vote for going up against the one I did vote for! Therefore, I had no choice but to go with Donnie, and it seems like I backed the right one!
Pulp vs. No-Pulp

(June 2018)

Loss Another foody question that I could go either way on, I like both forms of orange juice and would have either, but I always went for no-pulp when I was younger. The choice of Team Marina helped sway this one!
Squid vs. Octopus

(July 2018)

Win Happy first anniversary! Although I have enjoyed playing as an Octoling ever since unlocking them, squids were where Splatoon was born and their very driving force. I couldn't disrespect that kind of legacy! But hey, "no fan of the Inkantation is a foe of mine. I don't see species!"
Adventure vs. Relax

(August 2018)

Loss Following in the tradition of Fit vs. Rich, I wouldn't have too much fun and physical exertion if I didn't have to! I love nothing more than a good relax, doing as little as possible. Sign me up!
Retro vs. Modern

(September 2018)

Win A very tough one, as I like elements of both, depending on what you focus on. I'd only describe modern life as 'goodish', things were cooler in the past, but we have advanced technology and things now, so... I just sided with Marina.
Trick vs. Treat

(October 2018)

Win Another no-brainer. Who would want to be tricked when you could receive nice things like sweets instead? That's the best bit of Halloween! Maybe I'm just too much of a nice guy. That reminds me of another Splatfest...
Eat It vs. Save It

(November 2018)

Loss Despite absolutely everything I know telling me that I should leave the best bit of a meal until last... I don't. Either this means I have zero restraint or I just like treating myself. Either way, the world has spoken, and clearly, I'm doing it wrong!
Hero vs. Villain

(December 2018)

Loss Let's get some Smash up in here! Although I do like playing as villainous characters like Bowser and King K Rool, I infinitely prefer heroic characters in general. They're the good guys, simple as that! Who wouldn't want to support them?
Fam vs. Friend

(January 2019)

Win Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but it's very small - basically just me and my parents. I've now reached the stage where most of my closest friends have moved off for one reason or another, so if I had to choose some people I'd spend time with as a treat at Christmas, it would be them. No question.
Pancake vs. Waffle

(February 2019)

Win The epitome of a choice that I chickened out of making on my own and just went with Marina as a tie-breaker, I love both pancakes and waffles. You can't beat either of them, so I could easily have chosen both!
Knight vs. Wizard

(March 2019)

Win Going back to the theme of Barbarian vs. Ninja, I didn't even have to think about this one. Knights can be cool on their day, yes, but it's so much cooler to be a wizard. All spells and magic and doing whatever you want... way better than just hitting and slicing things.
Hare vs. Tortoise

(April 2019)

Win A really hard decision to celebrate Easter, as both choices are very cute indeed. While it's obvious that the tortoise should have won the rematch debate, I had to go for the one with fluffiness on its side. Silly reasoning? Maybe, but it won!
Time Travel vs. Teleportation

(May 2019)

Loss I may have finally broken out of my winning streak (which is rare in itself), but I'm glad I chose Team Time Travel. As a lifelong Doctor Who fan, I'd be a disappointment to myself if I didn't. Besides, it's just so much cooler and more versatile. Anything could happen!
Kid vs. Grown-Up

(June 2019)

Loss Another absolute no-brainer. While being grown-up may seem cool to kids, I've since reached the age where I've realised it did not live up to the hype. Stress, debt, and most importantly, a lack of friends means that I would do anything to go back to being a kid again.
Chaos vs. Order

(July 2019)

Loss I've always been an orderly person, but I needed to vote Team Order or else I'll never be allowed to be a teacher! Besides, we all knew I'd end up siding with Marina in the end. My results were made all even and the deserving team won... but who knows what the future holds?
Mayo vs. Ketchup

(May 2020)

Win Now this was a surprise! I only narrowly got to take part in this one and had to vote Team Ketchup based on the boring reason that I dislike both equally and so I chose Marina. I always was a bit fussy with my food!
Chicken vs. Egg

(August 2020)

Win The first rematch of a Splatfest I've already taken part in, my reasoning remains the same. Two fests, two wins, clearly the chickens rule the roost here!
Trick vs. Treat

(October 2020)

Win Another rematch victory on the same team twice? Only one thing to say about this: sweet.
Super Mushroom vs. Super Star

(January 2021)

Loss "Doot doot doot, da-doot doot, da-doodle-oot!" There's no better feeling in the world than running around invincible, going mad and doing whatever you want! Get your boring power-ups outta here.

15 wins - 13 losses.


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