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Splatoon Statistics


  • Level: ?⋆
  • Region: Americas
  • Friend Code: ?

Mode Icon Splat Zones.png Splat Zones: A+

Mode Icon Tower Control.png Tower Control: A

Mode Icon Rainmaker.png Rainmaker: S+1

Mode Icon Clam Blitz.png Clam Blitz: S+4

S2 Icon Grizzco.png Salmon Run: ?

Splatfest Picks

Splatoon 1

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Reason
  Pizza Defeat It's pizza.
  Nice Defeat First loss, but this one started my favoring toward Marie.
  Future Defeat I just picked this because I wanted to see what the future was like when I was young
  Pokémon Red Defeat Red was my first pokemon game, so of course I had to pick Pokemon Red
  Snowman Defeat Summer is too hot for me.
  Patrick Victory I like Spongebob, but I've always found Patrick the better of the two.
  Costume Party Defeat Costume party would be more fun.
  Night Owl Victory I don't sleep. The end.
  Marie Victory I always liked Marie since Naughty vs. Nice.

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