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Offical art of a Inkling with a Dynamo Roller, possibly Rider from the Splatoon manga
Species Inkling
Hair color
Eye color
Age 15 (Possibly)
Gender Male
Location Inkopolis
This article is about the character in the Splatoon manga. For the gear with Rider in them, see Inky Rider.

Rider is a secondary of the manga series who first appeared in the first official issue. He was last seen in Issue 2 and was absent for three issues. He later returns in Issue 6, where (at the end of the issue) he now plays a major support role by giving the Blue Team special training to fight against Skull of the S4


Rider's first appearence was in Issue 1, along with the Squid Sisters. He lost to the Blue Team in that issue.

Rider is seen once again in Issue 2. This time as a supporting character, due to him watching the Blue Team battle the Orange Team Army.

Rider once again played a support role in Issue 6, at the end he starts doing a more supportive role. He appears in issue 7 as well, where he makes his cover debut.


Rider is one inch taller than other Inklings. He is dark-skinned and has green eyes. He appears to have no headgear, ending up with people thinking he is wearing Fake Contacts or has nothing at all. He sports a Black Inky Rider (which goes well with his name) and Octoling Boots. He weilds a Gold Dynamo Roller.


Rider is tough. He is almost brutal (He 'rips' enemies apart), and a lone wolf, since he doesn't like teaming up with others, opposed to Goggles-Kun, who works with his team and defeated Rider in the first official issue.



  • Along with the Squid Sisters, he made debut in the manga's first official issue.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ライダー