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TableturfShape Template

Tri-Stringer Tableturf Battle ink shape:

This also works (view source to see the difference):

Or this (view source to see the difference):

TableturfCardShape Template

A template that contains all the Tableturf Battle card shapes and lets you reference them by name.

Anarchy Splatcast

Shiver Listen up! It's going down...
Shiver Repping the Splatlands, we are DEEP CUT!
Frye Anarchy Splatcast! We're live!
Big Man Ay! (Here we go!)
Shiver You lip-synch, we drip ink...
Big Man Ay, ay, ay! (Shiver, Frye, and Big Man!)
[Splatfest segment begins]
Big Man Ay! Ay! (Breaking news, you two!)
Shiver Oh? What's got your fins aflapping?
Shiver WOW! It's officially happening... The Splatoon 3: Splatfest World Premiere!
Frye Yes, yes, YES! Party time!
Frye Wait... What's a Splatfest World Premiere?
Big Man Ay! (A pre-release Splatfest. Players pick one of three teams to battle it out!)
Frye Did you say THREE teams? Whoa!

"X is a new feature in Splatoon 3"

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