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Hmm what game should I play today? Ahh I'll play Splatoon 2! Mom what do you mean I'm adopted?
— Me on a saturday
I like trains
— Man who got hit by train

Hello there WHAT! Get an account now!!Looks like you've been doing well with no edits. I am HazeL but you can also call me Mike(Paxton on Wii U). I am a nerd,Wikipedia,Inkipedia, and Splatoon fan! Now, word on the street is that You is/are the BEST Splatoon player EVER! I don't now if those urchins are right but they look like they know what they're talkin' 'bout. Btw is your having a bad day just remember you'll get a ring, but [[1]]

My Octoling (HazeL WN)
HazeL (WN) Octoling.png
Species Octoling
State Massachusetts userspace flag.png
Favorite Stage Skipper Pavilion
Main N-ZAP '85
Rank TC:A Everything else:B
Favorite song Fresh Start
Contact User talk:Yaxops or Yaxops#9118
Minifest record 2-2
Hair color
Eye color
Maximum HP
Other forms


I am hosting an Inkfest. Here it is:User:Yaxops/Hamburger VS Cheeseburger|The Inkfest (The inkfest is Hamburger vs Cheeseburger)


S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png S2 Gear Clothing Mountain Vest.png S2 Gear Shoes Online Squidkid V.png N-ZAP '85 HQ.png S2 Ability Main Power Up.png

Barn Squids

Barnsquid10 Edits.png 10 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to HazeL (WN)
on unknown date for making 10 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
Barnsquid50 Edits.png 50 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to HazeL (WN)
on unknown date for making 50 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
Barnsquid100 Edits.png 100 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to HazeL (WN)
on unknown date for making 100 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.
Checkers vs. Chess Barnsquid.png Checkers vs Chess Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to HazeL (WN) for voting for Chess

in ChessMaster's fifth Minifest!

Other Weapons I like

Main weapon Class Comment
S2 Weapon Main Custom Dualie Squelchers.png Custom Dualie Squelchers Dualie It has very good range,kit, and killing power. I like them and it gives me memories from the Splatoon 1 days.
S2 Weapon Main Custom Jet Squelcher.png Custom Jet Squelcher Shooter This is the dualie counter-part but on steroids! It has a different kit but every thing its dualies have, it has but BUFFED.
S2 Weapon Main Tri-Slosher.png Tri-Slosher Slosher I have no words.
S2 Weapon Main H-3 Nozzlenose D.png H-3 Nozzlenose D Shooter Good range,Agressive,High killing power an overall balanced weapon.
S2 Weapon Main Grim Range Blaster.png Grim Range Blaster Blaster I like this one for its high killing power. I think it has a very good supportive kit so I'd recommend it to supporters.
S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Replica.png Hero Shot Replica Shooter Its a reskinned splattershot. I like it for its amazing kit,very balanced, jack-of-all-trades weapon. And it looks like a P-90.

Least Favorite weapons

Main weapon Class Comment
S2 Weapon Main Squeezer.png Squeezer Shooter Its just bad. It has meh range,slow Fire rate, and the kit is bad. Oh and the whole "One shot does more damage" Gimmick is useless
S2 Weapon Main Aerospray MG.png Aerospray MG Shooter I could make a whole documentary on why its bad but to sum it up, It's just lacking to many qualities.
S2 Weapon Main Permanent Inkbrush.png Permanent Inkbrush Roller I don't like the inkbrushes but this ones bad for its TERRIBLE,GOD AWFUL,KIT.
S2 Weapon Main Neo Sploosh-o-matic.png Neo Sploosh-o-matic Shooter Bad range,terrible kit, and an insult to ALL of the Sploosh-o-Matic's.
S2 Weapon Main Custom Hydra Splatling.png Custom Hydra Splatling Splatling Finishing it of with the Custom Hydra. I like the regular Hydra Splating but this one is not battle effective because, for what the Hydra Splating is, has a Bad kit like the Permanent Inkbrush

Other Least Favorites

  1. Dedf1sh (sorry)
  2. Inner Agent 3
  3. Camp Triggerfish
  4. Splat Zones


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pls help me