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Images used
General info
  • JPEG images are scaled down to thumbnail size using JPEG quality 80, MediaWiki's default (and non-configurable) quality setting.
    • JPEG quality ranges from 0 to 100.
  • PNG images remain PNG after scaling down to thumbnail size. PNG format does not introduce artifacts on its own.
  • Any zoomed versions of images on this page are in PNG to avoid introducing additional JPEG artifacts when scaling the images up.
S2 Sorella Brella Promo Image1.jpg MediaWiki scaled JPEG thumbnail
Sorella Brella thumbnail with JPEG quality 100.jpg Independently scaled 100% quality JPEG thumbnail
S2 Sorella Brella Promo Image1.png PNG thumbnail
  • Discoloration is present in the top image. The bright orange circles on the umbrella are a more grayish color.
  • Blurriness is present in the top image. Details are smeared together and the image is no longer well-defined enough to grab the viewer's attention.
  • Unacceptable levels of JPEG blocking are present around edges in the top image. Let's zoom in to show the artifacts more clearly:
Zoomed MediaWiki JPEG Zoomed 100% quality JPEG
Sorella Brella JPEG quality 80% zoomed 3x.png Sorella Brella JPEG quality 100% zoomed 3x.png