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Hello, whoever-you-are. I see you have edited pages YourEditCount times! Keep up the inkredible work! I may not edit very often, I just like to add trivia. Just call me Lucas as my name! 🦑🐙 On Nookipedia I'm ZuckerBloop!

My Gear

Sneaky Beanie

Black Anchor Tee

Hunter Hi-Tops

Facts about the non-squid (real!) me

  • I play the saxophone
  • I draw inklings NONSTOP!
  • I have two cats, one reminds me of Judd.

Splatfest Choices

Sometimes a LONG time goes between my splatfest participation.


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Closing Message

If you, whoever-you-are, are a squid, an octo, a jelly, or even an isopod, stay safe, stay fresh, and stay at home playing Splatoon !

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