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It’s Stringers v.s Splatanas! The first Inkfest of the new 2.0 update and Chill Season 2022 is asking, which do you prefer? Stringers or Splatanas? It’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be crazy! Ready up now, because there’s no looking back!

Stringers v.s Splatanas
Stringer v splatana xan.jpg
Date: 27-12-22
Time: 15:00 EST
Popularity: Stringers
Wins: Splatanas
Inkpoints: Stringers


Here, the participants for each team are shown below:



ArivakiVA (user did not participate)

Chrome Wolf


Ink Me Up! (User did not participate)

Cruelty to Salmons (User did not participate)




Octoling E s3 (User may not be playing)

GX 64 (User will not be playing)

Mineral Cloud

ThePerson48 (User may not be playing)


Scoring system

Factor 1

Popularity: It will be a simple count to see which team has more people.

With a 1-point difference, Stringers take the popularity point.

Factor 2

Overall wins: We will count and see who won more battles.

Team Splatanas takes this winning 10 matches to Team Stringer’s 5

Factor 3

Total Score: This will be a somewhat new mechanic, in which each match, the players will earn a certain amount of points from doing various things (e.g, over 500p inked will get you 1 point.) But, on to the scoring part of this, the total points for each team will be added up and the team who has the most of these “inkpoints” will win this part of the scoring system.

Listed below are the ways to earn inkpoints for your team:

500p inked (turf war matches only)-1 inkpoint

1000p+ inked (turf war matches only)-2 inkpoints

5-9 splats (all modes)-1 inkpoint

10-14 splats (all modes)-2 inkpoints

15+ splats (all modes)-3 inkpoints (and a special userbox!)

Team Stringer wins with 62 inkpoints compared to Team Splatana’s 60!


This inkfest will be a little different from the others, with a new rule/gimmick being introduced. Team Splatanas will only have access to short range weapons and Team Stringers will only have access to long range weapons. Mid Range weapons will be available to both sides.

Weapons list:

Alignment of weapons
Stringer Splatana
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Nova.png S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.png S3 Weapon Main .96 Gal.png S3 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher.png S3 Weapon Main Range Blaster.png S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster.png
S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro.png S3 Weapon Main H-3 Nozzlenose.png S3 Weapon Main Dynamo Roller.png S3 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.png S3 Weapon Main Splat Charger.png
S3 Weapon Main Splatterscope.png S3 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png S3 Weapon Main E-liter 4K Scope.png S3 Weapon Main Snipewriter 5H.png S3 Weapon Main Bamboozler 14 Mk I.png
S3 Weapon Main Slosher.png S3 Weapon Main Sloshing Machine.png S3 Weapon Main Bloblobber.png S3 Weapon Main Explosher.png S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png
S3 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling.png S3 Weapon Main Nautilus 47.png S3 Weapon Main Glooga Dualies.png S3 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png S3 Weapon Main Tenta Brella.png
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Stringer.png S3 Weapon Main REEF-LUX 450.png S3 Weapon Main Goo Tuber.png

S3 Weapon Main Sploosh-o-matic.png S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Jr..png S3 Weapon Main Splash-o-matic.png S3 Weapon Main Aerospray MG.png S3 Weapon Main Splattershot.png
S3 Weapon Main .52 Gal.png S3 Weapon Main N-ZAP '85.png S3 Weapon Main Luna Blaster.png S3 Weapon Main Blaster.png S3 Weapon Main Clash Blaster.png
S3 Weapon Main L-3 Nozzlenose.png S3 Weapon Main Carbon Roller.png S3 Weapon Main Splat Roller.png S3 Weapon Main Big Swig Roller.png S3 Weapon Main Inkbrush.png
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Slosher.png S3 Weapon Main Mini Splatling.png S3 Weapon Main Dapple Dualies.png S3 Weapon Main Splat Dualies.png S3 Weapon Main Dark Tetra Dualies.png
S3 Weapon Main Undercover Brella.png S3 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png S3 Weapon Main Splatana Wiper.png S3 Weapon Main Splatana Stamper.png S3 Weapon Main Octobrush.png

S3 Weapon Main Squeezer.png S3 Weapon Main Flingza Roller.png S3 Weapon Main Ballpoint Splatling.png

Map list

The Inkfest will last for 15 matches and they will be as follows:

TW Mahi-Mahi Resort

CB Wahoo World

SZ Brinewater Springs

RM Inkblot Art Academy

TC Sturgeon Shipyard

TW Scorch Gorge

CB Inkblot Art Academy

SZ Hagglefish Market

RM MakoMart

TC Flounder Heights

TW Hagglefish Market

CB Mahi-Mahi Resort

SZ Inkblot Art Academy

RM Wahoo World

TC Mincemeat Metalworks


Popularity: Stringers

Overall wins: Splatanas

Inkpoints: Stringers

Stringers win 2-1! Thanks everyone! Userboxes are on the way!