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Don't tell her I said this, but Pearl is srsly the coolest.

It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

Hello! I'm Bonnie. My pronouns are She/They/Splat. I am Demifluid and Aroace! I have a special interest in Splatoon and have been playing since day one. (7 years!) I am from the UK. Mainly just here to lurk around but I'll contribute whenever I can!

My favourite weapons are the Kensa Sloshing Machine, Clear Dapple Dualies and the Aerospray PG though I like to use a variety of weapons. I have been testing out the Luna Blaster and the Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose as of late.

I own 12 volumes of the Splatoon manga and I hope to collect all of them. Shipping time to my country is rather slow and there have been shortages, so it has been a very slow process. I'll get there eventually!


All dates are in DD/MM/YYYY format.

IGN: ♪ bonnie
Level: 82
Lifetime Turf Inked:

  • Inkling: 3,521,876 (Machu Picchu)
  • Octoling: 2,276,658 (Tokyo Metro)

Agent 4 Stats: 1000% FRESH!

Last Updated: 08/07/22


Weapon Inked
Aerospray PG 547,539
Clear Dapple Dualies 536,074
Carbon Roller 193,997
Kensa Sloshing Machine 192,575
E-liter 4k 184,929
Aerospray MG 153,604
Inkbrush 122,865
Hero Shot Replica 105,938
Neo Splash-o-matic 103,965
Sploosh-o-matic 7 102,973
Krak-On Splat Roller 102,693
Octo Shot Replica 102,638
N-ZAP '89 102,200

Last updated: 08/07/22


Mode Rank
Rainmaker S+0
Splat Zones S
Tower Control S
Clam Blitz A-

Last updated: 08/07/22


Shifts Worked Golden Eggs Collected Power Eggs Collected Crew Members Rescued Total Points
431 5,613 154,510 1,135 44,480

Last updated: 08/07/22

Splatfests (European):

Vote Result
Cake v Ice Cream Lost
Mayo v Ketchup Lost
Flight v Invisibility Lost
Front Roll v Back Roll Can't Remember
Warm v Cold Did Not Participate
Film v Book Did Not Participate
Action v Comedy Won
Gherk-OUT v Gherk-IN Won
Chicken v Egg Lost
Salty v Sweet Lost
Raph v Leo Did Not Participate
Mikey v Donnie Did Not Participate
Raph v Donnie Did Not Participate
Pulp v No Pulp Lost
Squid v Octopus Won
Adventure v Relax Lost
Retro v Modern Did Not Participate
Trick v Treat Won
Eat It v Save It Did Not Participate
Hero v Villain Did Not Participate
Fam v Friend Lost
Pancake v Waffle DNP, both suck.
Knight v Wizard Won
Hare v Tortoise Won
Time Travel v Teleportation Lost
Kid v Grown-Up DNP, both suck.
Chaos v Order Lost
Mayo v Ketchup (2020) Won
Chicken v Egg (2020) Can't Remember
Trick v Treat (2020) Won
Super Mushroom v Super Star Lost


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