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About Me

I'm a Filipino that was born in Chicago, Illinois, but at a very early age I moved back to the Philippines. I've returned to the US, however.

Even though I've established my origin to be the Philippines, I'm waaay better at English than Sibika or Likha (which is Filipino. Both are subjects I've studied in the Phils. Sibika is basically history.)

I'm pretty much the typical nerd, wearing glasses, rambling on about video games and books and anime and random stuff on my Twitter.

I have a fondness for music, especially Rap and Glitch Hop. No idea why I'm putting this here, though.

Splatoon Stats


  • Maybe we could add Sheldon's description of weapons once you unlock them? Like once you unlock the Dynamo Roller, he's going to say something about it. Could we add those descriptions?
    • Speaking of descriptions, should we add those of the Prima guide book's as well?
  • All NPCs aside from Sheldon have certain quotes once you reach certain levels. Have those been added yet?

~I shall splat thee!~ KamuiKagerou77 (~discussion~)