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About Me

Hey I'm Timmy aka KantoxKid, I'm 18, Still in High School my last year btw, I'm also a Slave Worker at Wal-mart, and Marie is MY bae!!


Display Name: timm¥
Level: 12
Rank: C-
Favorite Ink Color:   Mint
Super Sea Snails: Super Sea Snails 10
Nintendo Network ID: KantoxKid
Playing Since: Oct 25th, 2015

Splatfest Stats

Team Result Rank Date Reward
  Water Slides Lose N/A July 18th, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Marshmallows Win N/A August 7th, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Decepticons Win N/A August 28th, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Science Lose N/A September 19, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Planes Lose N/A October 9, 2015 Super Sea Snails 0
  Ninjas Lose "Champion" October 30, 2015 Super Sea Snails 10