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A guy that was interested in Splatoon since seeing a trailer for the first one on television and calling it "Spatloon" by mistake.

He got Splatoon on Wii U in a curious legal-pirate way without his knowledge and unable to play it properly because his Wi-Fi service sucked (and it still does).

Ultra spoiled about Spla2n while not having it. Wondering if buy Spla2n or wait until Spla3n (yes, "Splathreen").

Super Ultra exited about Spla3n because Yellow is his favorite color and may be the first Splatoon game that he will "enjoy as it should", although upset because Chaos won and thus he feels that the Splatoon game "made for him" is "ruined" by that (exaggerating but not so much).

He feels a big regret by being unable to help Order won in the Final Fest, and thus, have desire to go back in time to be able to participate on it and thus "fix" Spla3n.

Thinks that his opportunity of the "perfectly-perfect" Splatoon game may be the one of his favorite number instead.

Writing this in third person like if this was any other Wiki Page, even thought this is the first "Wiki Page" that he writes.

Not native English speaker which may explain any stupidity that he writes.

Likes the color Yellow and the Number 5.

"Order should have won." - Kirbeat