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You can call me Lake


Adhd haver (huge hyperfixation on splatoon, especially ROTM and Octo expansion)

Salmonid Studier & overall geek.

I leave for school at 8:30am (EST) and get home around 5:00 pm (its sucks) so when it comes to going onto splatoon myself to get info/make edits it may take a while from when i say i will to when i actually do. ( although i edit what i can during breaks) also doing homework alot.

[apologies if i make alot of seprate edits to a page at once, especially when it comes to images i tend to forget to add things, and constantly have to go back and add stuff alot]

someone pls help me with my user page (how the frick do I work infoboxes)

past/current Splatfest teams

Random files n stuff

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