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Splatoon username:Crowns

Rank:B+ about to be a rank up battle

Likes:games,books,have bff's,and loves being smart about Splatoon (ask me anything about Splatoon!)

Dislikes:waiting,math,being told what to do,and bugs.(also school too)

youtubers I like to watch:Splat channel,moody,switch stop,Froggy crossing, tysunny,the basement,and mrwhosetheboss.

what I were: Pearlescent crown S ,Lime Easy-Stripe shirt and Fuzzy boots or Pearlescent crown S, Marinated Top and punk nights

inkling or octoling:octoling

how many lose form splatfest:6

how many wins form splatfest:0 (what, don't make fun of me I'm trying my best to choose!! >:( )

fav weapon:the gold aerospray,the otco shot,the inkbrush Nova,and the big swing roller.

Fav games other than splatoon:Brawl stars,Fashion Dreamer,Fortnight,Omega strikers,super mario series and princess peach show time.

fav couples form different games:Shelly and colt,Luigi and Daisy,and Era and Kai.