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Hi everyone!

About me

I am Lumoshi. I originally founded the Splatoon Wikia in mid-2014 and was briefly an administrator here in 2015. I love Splatoon, having played it a lot (nearly 1000 hours!) since December 2015. I reached level 50 sometime in spring 2016 and since then, I've hovered mostly between A+ and S in ranked battles. My favorite weapons are the Aerospray PG, Splat Roller, and Splatterscope.

I now have Splatoon 2 as well, having received it in Christmas 2017!

In terms of personal information, I am currently 17 years old (born 12/5/2000) and live in Texas.

Contact me at...

  • Wikia: Lumoshi
  • Discord: Lumoshi#7393
  • Switch: SW-3549-2857-4289
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