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Hey, I'm Matthew, also known as matthewtloz. I play Splatoon daily and my current goal is to get out of A Hell. My twitter is @matthewtloz. Other Nintendo games I play include Zelda, Smash, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.

My favourite stage in Splatoon is Moray Towers (unpopular opinion alert), and my favourite game mode is either Tower Control or Turf Wars.

My Splatoon Stats.png

Splatoon stats

Display Name: Matthew
Level: 37
Rank: A
Cash: Cash 112,000
Super Sea Snails: Super Sea Snails 56
Preferred Ink:   Yellow orange
Nintendo Network ID: Wasp125
Playing Since: May 29, 2015
Last Updated: December 13th, 2015

Splatfest Statistics

FlagEurope.svg European Region

Team Result Rank Date Reward
  Rock Win Eternal Rock Boy July 4, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  Eating Win Eternal Eating Boy July 18, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  North Pole Lose North Pole King August 8, 2015 Super Sea Snails 18
  Singing Win Singing King August 29, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  Messy Win Messy King September 19, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  Cats Win Cat King October 17, 2015 Super Sea Snails 24
  Zombies Lose Zombie King November 7, 2015 Super Sea Snails 18
  Pro-Pineapple Undecided Pro-Pineapple King December 12, 2015 Super Sea Snails ???