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Hi, I'm Mechanic! and you're YourUsername! Only been around in this wiki for about two months, but I hope I can help!

he light blue (what)

If anything I did was a mistake, please tell me! I'll try and fix it as quickly as possible! I probably won't make many more Octo Expansion images though, due to just getting tired of replaying the game.

First started with Splatoon 1 not long after it released. I only recently got Splatoon 2 a few months ago- been having much fun with it, though! I'm æijdz in-game.

My favourite weapons in Splatoon 1 are Carbon Roller Deco. That's it.

In Splatoon 2, I use the Sploosh-O-Matic and all its derivatives, as well as the Undercover Sorella Brella and Krak-On Roller! (I'm also trying to use more support classes like the Splatlings!)

For this user, the time of day is 09:07.

<-- fancy time thing!

Here's my sandbox! And my other sandbox. and my signature. and my talk page and my