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S3 Inkling E-liter Scope Render.png
Species Human (real world), Octoling/Inkling (Splatoon world)
Height Around 168cm
Hair color Dyed red
Eye color Grey-turquoise
Age Teenager (prefer not to say my exact age)
Gender Non-binary
Location United Kingdom (real world), Inkopolis (Splatoon world)
Maximum HP
Other forms

Hey, I'm Meganium39, and I'm a person who exists on the Internet. I'm non-binary and my pronouns are he/they, but I do play as Octoling Girl (as well as Inkling Boy).

Game Data

Splatoon 2


  • Inkling boy with lightest skin tone, dark blue/grey eyes and the undercut/ponytail hair.
  • Octoling girl with the same eyes/skin, and hair down.


I'm flexible in my mains, but mostly use any of these:

And less often:

These are the weapons I cannot use however hard I try:

I don't really play Ranked or League, not because I'm bad at the game or anything, but because I prefer Turf War as a game mode to any of the others.


The main gear I play has Last-Ditch Effort, Main Power Up and Drop Roller as primaries and pure Special Charge Up, Main Power Up and Bomb Defense Up DX spread over the three items.

Splatoon 3


Splatoon 2

Team Result Notes
S2 Splatfest Icon Tortoise.pngTortoise Lost My first Splatfest (also one of the last in Splatoon 2, but I didn't know that) occurred way back in 2019 which seems crazy! I picked Tortoise because… honestly IDK why I picked Tortoise. Anyway, slow and steady did not win this race, but I still had a real good time.
S2 Splatfest Icon Time Travel.pngTime Travel Lost Siding with Pearl this time, the one thing that did not change was that, well, I lost. The reason I chose time travel is because maybe, if I had that, I'd be able to escape the trauma/oppression that I was suffering in 2019, and to a lesser extent today… even if it was backward time travel only, I'd still love to visit the 1980s. Meanwhile teleportation, aside from being convenient, gains you what? I'm still pretty salty over this loss.
S2 Splatfest Icon Kid.pngKid Lost OMG. Three losses in a row. But evidently this one didn't hit me so hard as getting beaten by hares and teleportations, as I thought Kid had won and had to look it up to check. Then I found out, I was wrong! Would sign up to team adult in a heartbeat now though.
S2 Splatfest Icon Chaos.pngChaos Won How about neither, huh? Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction while trying to decide which side to pick in Final Fest. I was a bit out of it being less than three months after withdrawing from intense trauma, and was appealed to change, which was probably my reaction to picking Chaos. And I'm glad I did because, well, I finally won one!
S2 Splatfest Icon Ketchup.pngKetchup Won During this one I spent an entire morning playing Turf War, only getting Mirror Matches. I probably sat there for, like, three hours. And when I finally got a non-Mirror, ALL OF THE MAYONNAISES DISCONNECTED. I'm not kidding! Oh, yeah, and we won the Splatfest!
S2 Splatfest Icon Egg.pngEgg Lost I'm salty over losing to Teleportation but I'm ten times saltier that I lost to f***ing CHICKENS. Science, guys! Reality. Is. Now. Illegal. (Unless you believe God created the world, in which case I guess neither were first?)
S2 Splatfest Icon Treat.pngTreat Won Who wants to get 'tricked' on Halloween? Not me. So I chose the option of being decent and going Team Treat. And kindness paid off- YES!
S2 Splatfest Icon Super Mushroom.pngMushroom Won We Mushrooms may have been the unpopular pick, but I'm glad we won. I'm a mushroom person myself, and WTF is a Super Star? Well I know its place in Mario lore, but, like, it's a floating yellow thing. I at least somewhat understand what a Super Mushroom is meant to be… and that the fantastical Mario universe is the hallucinations of some shady plumber.

Splatoon 3

Team Result Notes
S3 Splatfest Icon Scissors.png


N/A To be totally honest, I'm only picking Scissors because I love Big Man. How else would you pick in this Splatfest though? It's not like Rock-Paper-Scissors has any strategy…

Other Information

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