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Note: It used to be called "Inkipedia World" instead, Inkipedia Newsline was suggested by GogglesKunInkling

So... I saw The 'Shroom on Mariowiki (a 'newspaper' with Mario games, news, art, stories as well as stuff about the wiki) and I thought that we should do something like that here on Inkipedia, called Inkipedia World. How it works is that a users write a certain part in a section each month for the next issue of Inkipedia Newsline. They can write more than one part. They can write monthly, or every second month, or one time only, depending on what they want to do. Here are my ideas:

  • An 'Inkopolis News' section where users can put their own custom stage, weapon, Splatfest, character or even Splatoon 2 ideas, all in the form of an Inkopolis News episode. Users can also make custom Inkopolis News quotes, to go with their idea, like I did in Blog:Custom Squid Sisters Quotes, but it's optional.
  • A section called 'Fun Stuff' where you can participate in fun activities such as: Quizzes, mazes, word searches, 'find the jellyfish in the picture' and stuff like that.
  • 'Splatergy'- Splatoon stratergy, tips, and ways to win (If we do Inkipedia news I have the best way to Splat people annoyingly in Bluefin depot, it's so silly but works all the time, and also one in Mahi-Mahi resort)
  • 'Inkipedia News'- Inkling of the Month, current projects, editing statistics, staff members, editing tips and all of those 'boring' admin stuff.
  • 'Storytime'- A place to put Splatoon stories, fanfiction, opinions, news, etc.
  • Competitions-art competitions, editing challenges, wikicode challenges, etc.
  • and of course the Introduction and stuff (probably by me)
  • UNfeatured Articles- Articles that need lots of improvement or things to do.

So... what do you think? Maybe you think that "our wiki is to small and has a lack of useful staff members and too many spammers and we are not as smart as other wikis". Well that's not true. Think about it and tell me on my user page.

You can tell me ways to improve the idea or what else to include. Stay fresh!

15:25, 29 July 2016 (UTC)

Here is the main page so far:

Welcome to the first issue!
Write for Inkipedia Newsline!
Do you want to write for our newspaper?


Inkopolis News
with Callie and Marie

Fun Stuff
Fun activities to participate in

Splatoon tips!
Inkipedia News
IotM, editing statistics, new staff members and other Inkipedia stuff!
Splatoon-themed stories, fanfiction, news, opinions and more!
Art competitions, wikicode challenges, Splatoon challenges!


Art Gallery
Splatoon fanart and more!
UNfeatured Articles
Articles that need fixing and improving!