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Species Human
Hair color
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Gender Male
Location Brazil

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I think a lot about Splatoon

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Fave Colors

  Neon Pink |   Neon Green |   Yellow |   Grape |   Peach |   Turquoise

Fave Characters

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Splatoon 3
Name ninckvinny
Level 15 Salmon Run Profreshional Part-Timer 40
Cash Cash 3705 Sea snails Super Sea Snails 0
Hours ? Playing since Sept. 9th 2022
Rank Singleplayer
B+ Hero Mode 100% Exploration
Tableturf Rank 15
Last updated: September 14th 2022
Splatoon 2
Name ninck
Level 19★1 Salmon Run Profreshional 250
Cash Cash an amount Sea snails Super Sea Snails a lot
Hours 790+ Hours Playing since ~Nov. 2017
Rank Singleplayer
Splat Zones S+ 7 Hero Mode 1000% FRESH!
Tower Control S+ 9 Octo Expansion All weapons + Inner A3
Rainmaker S+ 8 Squid Beats 2 I gave up already
Clam Blitz S+ 9
Last updated: May 8th 2022