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Inkipedia provides some coverage of Splatoon’s competitive events and teams. However, in order for tournaments and teams to receive their own articles, they must meet the following criteria.


  • Articles based on competitive subjects and not endorsed by Nintendo should feature {{competitive}} at the top.
  • Tournament and team articles should be in the mainspace. However, if a naming conflict with an existing non-competitive article exists, (Team), (Player), or (Tournament) should be appended to the end of the competitive article as appropriate.
  • The criteria below determine what competitive subjects can be considered notable. However, subjects can still be considered notable if they've gained significance though other means, particularly if they've received significant coverage in the media. In these cases, notability of the subject should be discussed and decided by editors.


  • Tournaments must have significant historical value (such as The Salty Splatoon) or have had participation of 32 teams or more (such as Booyah Battle 2) in order to warrant their own article.
  • Tournaments should have some level of national recognition amongst the competitive scene.


  • Teams must meet one or both of the following criteria in order to receive a page:
    • Must have placed in the top 10% (rounded down) of multiple tournaments covered by the wiki
    • Must have played in Division A or made the top 25% of the Division B playoffs in Leagues Under the Ink.


  • Generally, individual players should not receive pages unless they have performed one of the following:
    • Been on two or more teams given a page by the wiki
    • Lead their team covered by the wiki in the majority of their matches in a tournament covered by the wiki
    • Helped to organize a tournament covered by the wiki