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Thanks for making this page, Squidmaster400! I was just thinking we could add ways to beat IA3(Inner Agent 3) along with it's description. If anyone has sugestions, add them in the following places/groups/i forgot what to call it XD Octo1 (talk) 18:40, 28 October 2020 (UTC)\


Phase 1

Octo1- Before IA3 comes, ink the turf to your left and right. Right after they land, throw a splat bomb. Jump into the ink and hit them one shot at a time. When IA3 starts the Inkjet, keep hitting them, but don't forget to jump camp them when they land!

Phase 2

Octo1- Try to stay near IA3 when they jump, and after they activate the Bubble Blower, get behind and rain ink on them! Don't forget to try to clean up the bubbles as they get made, it can be trouble.

Phase 3

As IA3 uses the Autobomb Launcher, they can still use their Hero Shot. But you can use that to your advantage by sneaking up to him and getting one shot at a time.

Phase 4

As IA3 starts up their Tenta Missiles, just remember to be quick, nimble, and full of ink. Throw bombs up onto their platform rather rapidly, and bring them back down.

Phase 5

The last phase. Splashdowns. As IA3 rains splashdowns on you, run to thw wasabi units/boxes, and one the super jump point is set, run to the other side, and you won't take damage. Then, after they calm down, use the same hit-and-run technique and get this over with. (NOTE: if IA3 is damaged, they might do a surprise splashdown. Watch out for that.)

Overall things to remember

Did you know one of the keys to winning is thinking of an indoor adventure park? It is! All you have to do is think of how they sweep their hero shot side to side, and the ink goes like that too? Think of those things where you either have to jump over or duck under 2 spinning bars. It's the same thing, but you should probably duck.

Don't forget you have a sub! Throw your splat bomb from time to time and it sometimes even catches IA3!