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Hello, I am a member from the Inkipedia.

About me:

I am a male authist and a big Splatoon fan since its release in 2015. I still play Splatoon 2 until this day and beated the Octo Expansion storymode with all levels and all weapons (spoiler : and secret boss).

My missions/workings:

(30.6.2018 - ?) Add all German quotes to stages.
(? - ?) Add all German quotes to Splatfest/Quotes.

Completed missions/ workings:

(26.6.2018 - 30.6.2018) Added missing German level-names and translation in the Octo Expansion.

Why I joined:

The reason I joined, is because I saw that the Octo Expansion levels were missing German translation, so I decided to step in and help translate. But I also plan to help at other stuff, but I can mainly help translating German or writing it.
Hopefully I won’t break the website and hope to help all I can do.