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chapter 1: Salmon run

When Mask, Gloves, Rider, and Queenie looked at their assigned weapons for Salmon run, everyone in the whole world could hear Mask shout "AAAAAARRGH! I GOT THE DYNAMOOOOOOOO! HYUK!" So Rider had to teach him how to use one, while gloves and queenie protected them. All of a sudden a big fat Drizzler crushed gloves. And Queenie was using a Nozzlehose D so she couldn't take it out. Then a giant amount of ink destroyed the Drizzler, as mask fell down to the floor. "I HATE THE DYNAMO!" He shouted. They all decided to split up and go to the shore to gather more eggs. Gloves was doing fine, when all of a sudden a Cohock slammed him in the head! He fell into the water, but he was mega unlucky and landed on his lifesaver and didn't drown. Instead he just floated away. When the wave was over, Mask and Queenie realized that Floves was gone. Rider came back, holding his headphones. This meant that he was gone. They had to find him.

Chapter 2: The disappearance

Queenie grouped back up with her team, but Emperor was on a phone call about how seanwhiches were better than shwaffles. Eventually Queenie shouted "GLOVES IS MISSING AND WE HAVE TO FIND HIM!!!!" Emperor gave her a blank stare and replied "Well why didn't you say so?". Then they called Prinz, and he was on board too. They decided to split up, but they came back having no idea where he is. They went to get schwaffles and seanwiches, when Prinz came, exhausted. "I came as soon as I could" he said. "Watch this". He took out his squidphone and showed a video from the channel 'OctoSupreme'. It was a video of Gloves tied up, beat up, and covered in green ink. Despite this, he was still smiling. "Not cool"he said as he got loaded onto a cargo ship to the octarians. Emperor's jaw dropped, Prinz was stunned, and Queenie …was speechless.

Chapter 3: The search

"NOMPH NOMPH NOMPH!" That was Emperor stress-eating. After they found out where Gloves was, they decided to... do nothing. They actually had no idea where an Octarian base would be. Emperor said "mgh ont eeph ghaf oof atght too angh ons?" Prinz told him to chew. "Why don't we ask agent 2 and 1?" They all agreed to that. So they stayed at inkopolis until something came up. Soon a woman holding a umbrella went into the sewers for some reason. "That looks sus" said prinz. "You're playing too much among us." Emperor said after. So then they went to the sewers. However, it wasn't as dark or stinky as they thought it would be. It was a pavilion in a giant canyon. They saw the woman, talking with someone. Then, emperor noticed something. "Wait a minute...THE SQUID SISTERS?!?" Then,who seemed to be callie, said "well, at least they know us better than agent 4!" They asked them for help, but they said; "no. We're looking for someone ourselves. Agent 4's been missing for a day or two." Than emperor went into full detective mode. "Describe him, chap." Marie said "headphones, slick hair, green-now yellow ink..." then queenie realized something. "Wait... this seems like gloves!" "GLOVES IS AN AGENT!?!" Prinz shouted. There was a long silence until emperor said "jolly good." "Lose the act Squidlock Holmes." Prinz said.

chapter 4: adventuring

"This doesn't make sense!" Queenie said. "How can gloves, the, some poor guy on our team, be a real life agent!?" "Well, there's more to your friend than meets the eye." Said Marie. Now that they knew they were looking for the same guy, they decided to help find him. They were just on their way to Slimeskin Garrison, when their squidphones got notifications. It was the same channel as earlier. It had a video of some dark creepy voice telling gloves to join them. He said "nope. Don't try. Never. Sorry man. Yea no. Don't even think." Then tentacles came in with weird shades. "YOU CAN TRY THESE ON IF YOU LIKE..." the voice said. "This is bad." Callie said. "We need to HURRY!" "What's so bad about those shades anyway?" Said prinz. "I'll explain later. Now, we just need to get to the-YAAAAAAAAA!!" Marie says as as big trapdoor opens up. "Ow" Queenie says. Soon they are surrounded by Octolings. "Oh carp." Emperor says.

chapter 5:imprisonment

The Octolings had taken Team NeoEmperor and Agents 1 and 2 to what seems like an underground prison. Queenie notices something while they are walking. "Heeyyy...the Octolings have the same shades as the ones in the video!" "Yeah, ummmm...they..." Callie sputtered. "What? C'mon, tell me!" "They...are kind of...going too...hypnotize gloves?" "WHAT!?!?" Queenie shouts. "Relax! I'm sure the prison will be easy to escape!"


"THE BARS ARE MADE OF A SPLASH WALL!" shouted Emperor. The Splash walls seemed to be running permanently. "Seems like something for Sheldon." Said Callie. "Oh, cod, please don't mention him." Said Marie. "Every time he talks for more than five minutes straight I fall asleep for like, 5 hours." "Speaking of Sheldon, do any of you have weapons?" Said Emperor. "None. I lost my sploosh." Said queenie. "Hey..." said Callie as she took off her beanie. Her hair was on fire! "BOOYAH! I got my special ready this whole time!" She said. "Well what are you waiting for? USE IT!" said Emperor.

chapter 6: jailbreak

"RUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!" Was the only thing anyone could hear in a mile's range. Team NeoEmperor was being chased by the biggest amount of Octolings ever. They ran, and ran, and ran. "This was the WORST time for you to step on the alarm!" Marie shouted. Queenie said "Turn left!" Only to see a giant Octostomp. "Or... maybe not!" They turned around, but the Octolings already caught up! They would either get smooshed, or get shot. But then... one of the air vents opened above them and someone said "Quick, in here! They quickly picked them all up, and they all were in the vents. "Who are you? Asked Emperor. "Huh. So you don't recognize us." They turned around, and it was Queenies other team, P-Zap, OctoKing, And Cancelers. "Whoa." Said Queenie. "But why are you down here?" Cancelers said "Octo And P-zap wanted to return to the metro for a visit. We couldn't find you, so we just went alone. Eventually, P-zap found a secret room, that shut behind us, that lead to the prison. Octo hacked into the system to get as many inklings free, and here we are." Then prinz said "I'm sorry, could you say that again?"