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Sorry I haven’t been active lately, I’ve been busy with school :[

You basically just take some fruit and mix it with sugar. Boom. Tomato jam.
— Pearl
It’s not jam.
— Marina

Hello there, (Your name here, kid.)! I’m Octodemi, for short, and I’m here.... To be here. Don’t worry, I adore splatoon, and know a lot about it. So uh, yeah! Cool. Hi.

About me

In-game Name - dæmium, even if it may change to something random here and there.

Friend code - SW-5012-0138-9825. (I will maybe accept the request.)

Most Played Game - Splatoon 2, obviously

Gear - I Normally use a snorkel mask and Black seahorses. I’m still working on my shirt gear!

Favorite Ranked - I really Like Splat Zones!

Best Rank - I barely do Ranked, so it’s only a B.

Hobbies - Art! ( I can draw you an Inkfest sign or your character for free if you like! )

Coins - 102,000 I think?

Level - 57

Some random art

Costumes vs candy ink fest custom art.jpeg