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This user is no longer active on this website. The reason for this is because they no longer play the game this entire website revolves around and do not think they will play much more. If you wish to contact it, please refer to other websites, such as Tumblr. It goes under the username, 'carboncommissions'. Please be aware that their profile may be vulgar, but nothing on their profile genuinely intends to offend or hurt. If you wish to refer to it in the third person, please use their chosen name, Carbon, and their preferred pronouns (they/it). It does not mind too much if you accidentally use the wrong pronouns, as they technically use any/all, they just prefer they/it best. Have a good rest of your day/night, Carbon sends much love to those who want and need it.

Also, no, Carbon is not a Carbon Roller main. They prefer Splatlings, such as the Hydra Splatling and Nautilus 47.