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oh hi i guess???

— Fuyumi Barrett (one of my varied ocs)

i have way too many kensa items

i think im obsessed

Anyways, hi there!

I've been here for a while, although I did go on a looong break (sorry to all those who hoped I would still do the minifest), but I'm back! I honestly don't know

original characters i guess

Fuyumi Barrett


Splat 3 Stats
Other Memianne.png
Level: 6
Super Sea Snails: 0
Rank: B
Salmon Run: Profreshional Part-Timer 40
Return of the Mammalians: 1000% except for surveying the areas and the secret kettle (no, this page is not exempt from spoilers, it is mine and I can do whatever I want)

Splatfest Status

Splat 2 things

Super Mushroom vs Super Star (Queen) I went with star because 1. I don't really like red all that much and 2. I'm not accidentally admitting that I'm short like Pearl (future me looking back at this and realizing I was a big dumb)

Splat 3 splatfests

  • Rock vs Paper vs Scissors (Ruler (I think?? Didn't keep track.)) I picked paper because Frye bias.

Favorite and Least Favorite stuff

These are only my opinions on random things, so if someone feels like it shouldn't be there, it's because it is MY opinion, not theirs.

wee now i can listen to this on my user page

this sounds like jazz and hip-hop mixed together

this one is a bit interesting

this one is pretty good tbh

Favorite/Least Favorite (S2)
Thing Favorite Least Favorite
Splatoon 2
My Weapon Any Hero-Class weapon and shooter-class weapons (yes I like blasters) Brellas (unless Grizzco version) and Chargers
Opponents Weapon Probably the Jet Squelcher. I have an easy time crushing my foes when they can't move fast. Also, they quickly run out of self defense. One word: Octobrushes. They almost ALWAYS get the chance to splat me before I splat them.
Gear Ability Drop Roller. I hate super jump campers, so when they see I don't have dualies but I dodge-rolled, I can leave them confused and splat them. Also Tenacity. It can be a major advantage if you have a teammate with you. Probably Ninja Squid. I need to move fast, so whenever my brother decides to take control and equips it, I have decreased speed, and I hate it.
Mode Octo Expansion. Conquered J03, but C04 is a complete nightmare. I DIDN"T COMPLETE IT, MY BROTHER DID- I don't have that skill capacity (contemplating life choices intensifies) RAINMAKER.
Splatfest Team Spoon, Pop, Order, Front Roll, Egg, Super Star Chicken, Rock, Back Roll, Chaos, Fork, Super Mushroom
Character Agent 8, Marina, and Callie (oh no oh no oh no) Mr. Grizz
Ink Silver, Blue, White, Purple Orange.
Species Octoling. I am one, so uh if I hated them I would be an Inkling. (oh god please don't take away my CQ points and plunge me into crippling debt) Sea Cucumber
Playstyle Sharking and Sprinklers Whatever Splatlings do.
Part of this series Air Squidpartying Those who splat me even though we made a squid party peace treaty
My Special Splashdown and Tenta Missiles in Turf War; Inkjet in Squidparties Stingray
Opponents Special Splashdown? I'm not sure myself honestly Booyah Bomb
Sub SUCTION BOMBS This is hard, but I have to say Toxic Mist is by far the WORST sub in my opinion. No inking done? I hate it.

oh yeah for the people who just recently visited my user page for the first time, the music was originally for filling a gap and I don't feel like removing it so yeah.

my actual gear

Headgear: Studio Headphones

Clothes: Duskwave Tee

Shoes: Hero Boot Replicas

Barnsquids just cuz

gave these to myself because i earned them

uhm i just looked at my contributions and uh my mainspace contributions are a bit-


i made more on non-mainspace than mainspace so uhm-

lemme fix this-

the barnsquid says mainspace so yeah-

i just-


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Participation Barnsquids!

Checkers vs. Chess Barnsquid.png Checkers vs Chess Barnsquid
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voting in the custom minifest held by ChessMaster!

Arrows Barnsquid.png Arrows Barnsquid
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in ChessMaster's third Minifest!

splatfest PRIDE

Barn Squid TEAM SUPERSTAR.png Team Super Star Barnsquid
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fighting for team Super Star!

this one was honestly easy to get in S2 what no one updated the criteria yet so that it was only intended to be used for S1 it only says max level of 50, and once i think the max was fifty in S2 but they updated it to not be but who cares not me really just meet the criteria and you have it in my head

Barnsquid50.png Level 50 Barnsquid
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on March 22nd, 2021 for reaching Level 50.


Arrows Winner Barnsquid.png Arrows Winner's Barnsquid
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in ChessMaster's third Minifest!

abt me

i speedrun the latter two games i guess??

I might squid-party, but I'm not the one to start it as I am also an extremely competitive player (though i suck at ranked).

My nintendo user is atomic, IGN is explosion!

random things/tests

・゚✧---(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


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