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"Weak? HA! I will PROVE my true strength to you!"

-Octoling E

'Sup, YourUsername? Octoling E here.

This is just a filler image
Name: Octoling E
Gender: Female
Eye Color: s2: Red s3: Magenta Pupil + Pink Iris + Green Ring
Ink Color: Varies (the color I use for my character the most is pink)
Species: Octoling
Hairstyle: s2: Tentacurl s3: Tentatwists
Rank: A-
SRNW Title: Profreshional +2

Likes and Facts

Favorite Bands and Their Songs (Splatoon)
Squid Squad:



Ink or Sink


Now or Never!

They're the OGs!
Chirpy Chips:


Blitz It!
Well, their lead did get a job in S3.
Squid Sisters:

City of Color

Splatfest Match Start

Ink Me Up

Now or Never!

Calamari Inkantation

Spicy Calamari Inkantation

Fresh Start


Calamari Inkantation 3MIX w/ Deep Cut and DJ Octavio

Wave Goodbye
What's not to like?
DJ Octavio:

I Am Octavio

Bomb Rush Blush w/ Callie

Tidal Rush (Callie vs. Marie)

Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape (feat. Various Artists)

I Am Octavio (S3 ver.)
He's evil but he's good.
Turquoise October (No picture was found):


Tentacular Circus



(The only good Single Player songs that don't need a DLC.)

Favorite Bands and Their Songs (Splatoon 2 + Octo Expansion)
Wet Floor:



Rip Entry

Now or Never!

Turf Master
The (secondary) OGs!

Deluge Dirge

Chaos Carnival

I don't know why I like this.
Diss-Pair: Seasick
I love in-game lore, OK?
SashiMori: Entropical
I mean, come on.
Off The Hook:

Color Pulse

Ebb & Flow

Now or Never!

Fest Zest

Nasty Majesty

Shark Bytes

Fly Octo Fly

Ebb & Flow (Octo)

Into the Light
I chose this picture cuz it's cute, 'K?
Kamabo Co.:

Telephone's Theme


Thang Jingle

The Plan
Don't question this.

Splattack! (Octo)

#6 frisk

#13 shade

#14 crush
She's just amazing, for being a brainwashed zombie under a multi-million Cash company.
Favorite Band and Their Songs (Splatoon 3)



Splattack! (Splatoon 3 ver.)

Untitled Song 2

Now or Never!

Battle Victory
We can always use one more!
Front Roe (No picture was found):

Sea Me Now

(Again, the lore, It's amazing)

Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook:

Candy-Coated Rocks

Tentacle to the Metal
I wonder if they're going to use this as an excuse to use Off the Hook for the DLC.
Deep Cut:

Splatfest Plaza Solo (Shiver)

Anarchy Rainbow

Till Depth Do Us Part

Now or Never!

Shippūdotō Kachikondoru (Raid Under Storm and Stress)

The Spirit Lifter: Steerage & First Class

My real online username is Octoling E, and I've been playing since 2018, I've also played Splatoon 2 for over 1,700 hours! (good lord) I can't go on the Discord and if I make up an idea for an Inkfest, someone will need to host it in my place. I might still might to be able to play a match from time to time, though. (I still expect full credit for the Inkfest idea though!) The person who helped me with the event will get credit for helping with the planning and hosting aspects of the event though. Thank you for accepting me as part of the community!!! ;)

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I'm going to have a Inkfest collab with @Jacobearth! The theme? Stringer vs. Splatana! Some of the details are still being worked on, but the link to the Inkfest's page is the Discussion part of the page. Hope to see you there!


My Gear

Splatoon 2:

Weapon: Aerospray PG

Headgear: Golden Toothpick

Clothing: White Urchin Rock Tee

Shoes: I have to check. sry :(

Splatoon 3:

Freshest Fit #1/ Main Fit:

Weapon: Splatana Wiper

Headgear: BlobMob Mask

Clothing: Black Tee

Shoes: Arrow Toesies Blu

New info coming soon. Stay safe, keep inking, and stay fresh! ;)