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As you might know, I have created a section of Inkipedia where there are many sections covering different topics, but it currently belongs in the userspace, so I'm trying to collect more writers and readers so this becomes a community thing before September comes and user content over the 5 subpage limit is deleted.


[[User:Octopedia/Inkipedia Newsline:Main Page|Inkipedia Newsline]] is for many things, so there is something for everyone! Here's a list of all the different pages and the topic they cover:

Main Page: Where you can see the history, Writer of the Month, page links and the "Newsline News."

Sign-Up: A place to keep track of writers and sign up yourself.

Inkopolis News: A place for official Splatoon Articles.

Splatergy: A place with tips and strategies for topics such as weapons etc.

Inkipedia News: Inkopolis News but for Inkipedia stuff.

Fun Stuff: A place where readers can do stuff like vote and submit answers.

Blog: A place to share achievements and experiences.

Fanbase: A haven for all fan made content.

Art Gallery: Somewhere where you can show off your fanart!

Now that you've seen all these, do you understand why I'm trying to protect it?

Join and get others to!

You've seen it. Has it inspired you? Think someone else would be a perfect fit for the job? Great! To get others to join, send them this invite on their talk page. You'll have to view the source to copy and paste it though. Don't worry, the user's name will automatically be set. I don't think there is a user named Join Inkipedia Newsline! One more thing: You don't need an invite to become a writer! Just come on down!

Write for [[User:Octopedia/Inkipedia Newsline:Main Page|Inkipedia Newsline]]!

You Octopedia/Join Inkipedia Newsline!, seem like a good fit for a writer position at [[User:Octopedia/Inkipedia Newsline:Main Page|Inkipedia Newsline]]! As a writer you will be able to make new articles and such for our readers! Just click the [[User:Octopedia/Newsline:Policy and Sign-Up|Sign-Up link]] on the [[User:Octopedia/Inkipedia Newsline:Main Page|Main Page]]. We hope to see you there!