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My inking avatar

Hi, I'm Octopopprincess. I love Splatoon and am hoping to help out with Inkipedia. I'm not going to edit this page for a while so it will look a bit rough for now. Thank you for letting me join!

My Octoling avatar

My favorite stages:

  1. Camp Triggerfish
  2. Starfish Mainstage
  3. Wahoo World

My favorite brands:

1. Annaki

2. Enperry

3. Zekko

4. Inkline

My favorite weapon, sub, and special all in one:

The basic Splooh-o-matic with the Curling Bomb sub

and Splashdown special.

Gameplay modes in order of most liked to most most hated:

1. Turf War

2. Octo Canyon

3. Octo Expansion

4. Salmon Run

5. Ranked: Splat Zones

6. Ranked: Tower Control

7. Ranked: Clam Blitz

Final Splatfest standing: