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The daily lifestyle of the Octoseeker pilots have been shrouded in mystery. But as one myself, I am here to give you all the cold hard truth.
This is expert advice.


There are multiple eligibility requirements. First, we have to have served in the Octarian Army for at least three (3) years. Second, unlike the Octoling brigades, there is no gender requirement, although I am the only female to fly an Octoseeker. The pilots are handpicked by DJ Octavio himself. Even though he is my uncle, I still don’t know what criteria he uses, but it’s usually bravery and determination.


During training, we are still used in other roles. Whether it’s Flooder pilot (they’re like drones; they’re operated remotely) or Octostamp DX drivers (I was assigned this role and it was really fun).

Daily Life


We all have families, jobs, et cetera. For example, I am a music teacher. Another is a statistician.
We come home from our jobs at various times. For example, the school I teach at is out at 15:00 (3 PM). I get home about 15:30 (3:30 PM). During the time I’m at home, I grade papers, make dinner, play viola for the family, compose, arrange, et cetera.
At about 17:30 (5:30 PM), we get into our Octoseekers and leave our homes (our homes are still in Dome 10, so we don’t have far to go).


At around 18:00 (6 PM), we arrive at our stations and are on patrol for the next several hours. We follow the protocol that we learned during training.
At about 3:00 (3 AM), we head home and go to bed. We don’t get much sleep.


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