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Unofficial! This article discusses content that is not part of official Splatoon canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

As an Octarian myself, I would like to tell you (the reader) interesting secrets about many Octarian machines!

First, and the absolute best:


1. The neutralization procedure is (usually) activated automatically. The searchlight is also a motion sensor that senses movement of Inklings, their ink, and their bombs. But Meena, you ask, why do the Curling Bombs not activate it?
2. The searchlight sensors can be overridden by the pilot at any time. Have you ever been in a situation where someone wants to talk to you and you’re like “not now”? We can do a similar thing. We do this by hitting a small pedal with one of our feet, After the searchlight spots movement, it waits about half a second for a manual override. If it doesn’t get one, the lights turn red as a signal for pilots like me to start attempting to find the intruder and stamp him/her down.
3. However, the red lights don’t always activate automatically. We have another foot pedal we can use to activate the neutralization procedure manually as well.
4. Like the bell sound many other Octarian machines make, the red lights are a signal to go “heads up” and try to splat the agent.
5. Similar to Amazon’s Alexa, the five-way radio allows us to communicate with each other when necessary. It’s always on, but it only starts to record when it hears a voice.

Octostamp DX

1. Like the Octoseekers, the Octostamp DXs are operated by Twintacles.