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This is my user page, I am currently using mobile so I can’t post a picture right now. My opinion is Octarians are in the right and inklings are evil. I want to make this wiki a place with fact, fun, and success! I love splatoon and really want to help in any way I can. .^.^.! #octariantakeover! (Tag with that if you think Octarians should rule splatoon)

in game

My in game character for splatoon 3 will be different from my oc due to customization issues. My oc is an octoling with mid tone skin and blue eyes, they have the tear shaped eyebrows and shorts with leggings. My in game tag is “octosquid?”

weapons preferences

I enjoy the roller class but am skilled with Brellas and scope weapons, I adore the flingza roller but use any weapon really…

music likes

I listen to pop, j pop, electronic, and rap. My favorite splatoon song is acid hues, my second is Shooting starfish , and my third is ink me up.

hero mode

Well In hero mode I actually didn’t want to hit Octavio, which is the funny part. I jumped away from attacks almost the whole time, I actually beat him on accident by pressing the shoot button instinctively with the rainmaker. I always bob my head to the Octarian music and love the style! I never got to play splatoon 1 hero mode because my console broke. But I do think three is by far the best agent and deserves to be the new captain! I can’t wait to get my hands on splatoon 3 and see WHAT IN THE SPLAT is up with the fuzzy Octarians, which are cute by the way.


• I actually once ran into a hacker in salmon run… it was awful because they figured out how to be on the salmons’ team! My rank dropped to go getter after that… but I did get back to profreshional!

• I did get octo expansion… but I never beat it because I was determined to beat every level with no skips… yeah I’m still on the elevator.

• I LOVE SHELDON!! I could listen to him all day… yes bloblobler blob law blog, I can say it five times fast! Sheldon is the man, I respect him, I think he is a nice character!

• I watch splatubers, octoboy, alphastar716, wadsym, yume, and GG Gabriel.

• I actually love Pokémon as well! Ah yes Pokémon… cool and good! I watch I play I collect I do it!

•I once glitched myself so that I would go through any wall… it was weird, please don’t ask because I went through enemies as well… I saw their inner riggings and T posed in an octosniper! I’m NOT going to share how and will never do it again!!

likes and dislikes in real life

I love broccoli and enjoy snowboarding, biking, swimming, cooking, and video games, of course. I dislike stereotyping, bullying, corn, rock climbing, most tv shows, and gender specific terms. So now you know! .^.^.!


So, my oc is named Sea, she is a “jellyling” a cross between a jellyfish and an inkling. She likes blue pastel hues and uses an ink brush. She has emerald eyes with blue jellyfish colored hair in a long braid. She likes art and music! her favorite song is shooting starfish and she likes to eat shwaffles!


I gave up :/


1. I’m changing oc for s3. I have a specific one that won’t work with ink color so no pictures for that.

2. I try to only be active when needed

3. I like to be competitive and know lore- I’m not a casual player! ~^.^~