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Hi! You can call me Zay :D

Personal stuff

I’m a brazilian girl who really likes to draw and watch youtube. My favorite subjects are chemistry, physics and history. I’m fluent in both English and Portuguese, and currently learning Japanese (level n5). I have high ADHD, but fortunately I’m learning how to handle it. I’m aspired to being a storyboard artist, but overall, to work in the animation industry :)

Splatoon stuff

I’ve been into the Splatoon fandom nowadays, but I haven’t bought the game. I usually enjoy watching people play the game instead since, in my country, Splatoon 2 is 299 BRL, which is as hard to get as getting 299 dolars in the US.

I enjoy watching theory videos and really enjoy spending time with the community! I also really enjoy drawing some of the characters and sometimes even ocs, so I’m thinking of participating on the new logo for the wiki contest :)

Even though I’ve never played Splatoon, I have a feeling that my favorite weapon would be the Inkbrush/Octobrush. They just look so fun to play with lol.